Surf Sunglasses for Toddlers

Real Shades Surf Sunglasses for Toddlers - Ages 2+, Unbreakable, Stylish, Iconic 80s Style, 100% UVA UVB Protection

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Every kid wants to look cool, even toddlers! Our Surf sunglasses for toddlers offer that iconic 80s style plus full protection from UVA/UVB rays. With tons of fun neon colors to choose from, you can’t go wrong!



When you search for stylish toddler sunglasses, there will be few if any sleeker options than the Surf ones from Real Shades. These unbreakable toddler sunglasses are readily available in a range of colors, and the feature 100% UVA/UVB protection for your little ones. The lightweight frames will protect their little eyes from the harsh sunlight. There is also a sturdy, yet flexible frame built to keep the shades in place. These 80’s style toddler sunglasses will somehow make your little one look even cuter!

44 reviews for Surf Sunglasses for Toddlers

  1. Madcatter (verified owner)

    These are perfect for my 1.5 year old. We’re outside quite a bit and these are great for sunny days at the park and our stroller jogs. Also great for car rides when the sun is blaring in his eyes. I was scared he would break them, but they’ve held up so far…. and I have caught him bending/pulling on them quite a bit. I didn’t think he would keep them on but he’s slowly getting used to wearing them. They fit great. For reference his head is 19”. Overall, this is one of the best “accessory” purchases I’ve made. They’re practical and absolutely adorable! Will definitely be purchasing the next size up after he grows out of these.

  2. Mary (verified owner)

    My two year old loves them – almost as much as the free sunglasses emoji plush toy that came with them!

  3. Anonymous

    Ordered these for my almost 2 yr old son and they cannot be any cuter! Love their durability and design. Looking forward to warmer days!

  4. Anonymous

    Super cute styles, SUPER durable for crazy kids. Very, low prices.
    We have 3 little kids and we keep buying them!

  5. Jennifer Hardy

    Super cute. A little big for my almost 2 year old but not by much.



  7. Lauren Dunn

    Kiddo likes them; good style. Purple color would be great!

  8. mog

    Purchased this and the Surf. Both were shipped extremely fast and arrived within a few days. Sunglasses appear to be indestructible. Fit perfectly and really fashionable. Would buy from again without hesitation.

  9. Don Barton

    This is the second time I made purchases for my grandsons love the product fits well and very durable!

  10. Anonymous

    We just bought these for my 2 yr old son. We were impressed by the plastic case with a carabiner to hook onto a bag for easy traveling. They also came with a sunglasses strap so we don’t have to worry about them ending up on the ground. Plus, they’re flexible, comfortable, and stylish! I will definitely be recommending to my mom friends!

  11. Richard Bolt

    My son is really pleased with his sunglasses. They stay on and are not uncomfortable and they do look like they wont break easily, we will see what happens in the summer

  12. Lori

    Not only are these sunglasses the BEST for active toddlers, the customer service of this company is unmatched!!! My son is 2, super active and these are the only sunglasses he actually keeps on! They are super compfortable, flexible and extremely stylish!! I’ve found my sunglasses destination for him!! Thanks @realshades

  13. Anonymous

    This is the second pair of these glasses we have purchased because we liked the first ones so much. They bend so my son can’t break them. I had trouble finding glasses to fit a small 2 1/2 year old. These fit perfectly!

  14. Oxana B

    We love your glasses! Keep on buying them as we grow! Thank you ????

  15. Wendi Adams

    I am so happy with this purchase. These shades are awesome, they are bendable so I don’t have to worry about my 2 year old breaking them and I love how they feel. Great quality for a great price. Will buy again and again!

  16. Don Barton

    Very happy with the quality and delivery of the products…My Grandson’s look great in them!

  17. Mari Rossi

    Fits my 2 yo perfectly and seems durable. Will definitely buy again.

  18. Ashley

    Purchased for my 2.5yr old, they fit and look great!

  19. Brooke Montague

    Love the look and fit. Very comfortable for my toddler and stylish too! She loves to play with them and they can handle her pulls, drops, and squeezes. I can tell they will hold up nicely. Thanks Real Shades!

  20. Anonymous

    My child hates the strap style sunglasses and we’ve had a really hard time finding something to fit a 2 year old that actually blocks the sun. She loves the fun colors and enjoys wearing them.

  21. Christen Bloom

    My 2y old loves them

  22. Zhan Qi

    I like the glasses. It’s soft and safe for my child. I bought 4 more for my nieces and nephews.

  23. Anonymous


  24. Kristin Steiner

    We have had these a full week and my 2 year old has yet to break them, a new record! He loves sunglasses, but always pulls the arms to far and breaks them, he’s been wearing/playing/dropping/stepping on these for a week and they still look brand new!

  25. Anonymous

    I love these. My two year old does too! They stay on nicely and she looks incredibly cute in them!

  26. Michelle

    These are great for 3+ year olds! Stylish and the kids like them. Would recommend the explorer for under that age because they are virtually unbreakable and fit the kids well at that age. These could be a bit large for normal 2 year olds and definitely too big for one year olds.

  27. Elise

    Great sunglasses, excellent service!

  28. Ashley

    The sunglasses I purchased for my 8 month old son are awesome! They look and fit great. I can tell that he likes having them on, because the other glasses we have purchased do not last long on his head (he pulls them off almost immediately). wenliked them so much we are thinking about purchasing another pair for him.

  29. snow dad

    these are well made and have a nice flexibility to them which makes them more comfortable. will buy more

  30. Anonymous

    We bought these for our “just under 2” granddaughter. She broke every pair of glasses she had. So far, she is being careful. We hope that trend continues. The mirror lenses are very cute and she also loved the pouch which was included

  31. Anonymous

    Sturdy, cute, you can tell these will last. Only regret is not getting then sooner!

  32. Anonymous

    This was purchased for my son, but stolen immediately by his 27 month twin sister. The frame seems durable and I like the quality of sun protection. I don’t love the mirrored lenses & they seem to pop out of the frame easily–We almost lost a lens at the zoo today!

  33. zhuo chen

    Nice sunglasses for my kids!

  34. yana

    The quality really nice! Glasses are flexible, hard to break it! My smaller daughter is really happy with that! Plus we have for free a nice bag for sunglasses!

  35. Brent Gaccione

    Looks awesome.

  36. Music Mom

    I have an almost 2 year old and almost 3 year old. Upon receiving the sunglass in a very timely manner, the kids pulled them out and put them on immediately! They are both in love with the zipper case that comes with. I was most impressed by the fact the glass are dark, 100% UV protective, and the kids left them on. The fit is great and they bend but don’t break.I can’t comment on longevity as we haven’t had them long, but so far so good-a GREAT buy.

  37. Melissa Gresalfi

    These sunglasses are flexible and fun; I will say that they run a bit large; the 2+ size fits my 5 year old perfectly (he’s small) but are slightly too big on my 2 year old (she’s average). But they both love them and particularly love that they now have their own cases.

  38. Anonymous

    My daughters favorite color is blue…so she is in love with her new shades!

  39. Shayna Usary

    I love the sunglasses but I ordered two sunglasses for my toddler and only received one. I need you to send me the other. Please contact me. I did leave you a voicemail. Thanks.

    Shayna Usary

  40. Michael Patterson

    These sunglasses are better than expected. The shatterproof lenses and flexible frame make these perfect for little ones. I will be purchasing more from this website for sure.

  41. Dana

    Great price, quality and style! These will protect my little guy’s eyes and that makes me very happy. He’ll also look great wearing them, that helps.

  42. Anonymous

    The sunglasses are great. My 2 yr old son loves them and I’m so glad to know his eyes are well protected. I really like the flexible material of the frames, however, I just wish they were a little tighter on his head. They tend to slide down and off his ears so they don’t stay on as well as I would like them too, but at least he’ll be able to grow into them.

  43. Jacqueline Woodruff

    I love these shades. Not only are they COOL looking (hard to find in children’s sunglasses) but they are safe and durable. Love that they bend and the arms won’t snap off if my son is rough on them. Also thrilled with the super fast shipping 🙂

  44. Lauren Garrett

    I had to find new glasses after my 2 year old took off his old pair and dropped them along our walking route without my knowing. I found these and hoped that maybe we could find a pair that he would actually keep on his face for an entire walk! Since I opened these, he has wanted to keep them on constantly — even indoors. Today, I had to ask him to take them off while he was looking for toys in his toy box because I thought he might not actually be able to find what he was looking for in the dark box with his dark glasses.

    They are stretchy (and he’s tested them, believe me!) and resilient. They are clearly comfortable (he doesn’t try to remove them). They are stylish (a bonus!).

    My only concern is that I’m going to need to buy additional pairs to have with us when we are on the move in case I leave a pair at home. He isn’t going to want to b without them, I can already tell.

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