Sky Sunglasses for Toddlers

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Are you in search of fashionable sunglasses for your young child? Look no further than our Sky sunglasses for toddlers. These shades incorporate both serious sun protection and cool aviator styling into one package.

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When you are in the market for unbreakable toddler sunglasses, look no further than Sky Sunglasses from Real Shades. The Sky brand are 100% UVA/UVB protective toddler sunglasses, and they feature an unbreakable, yet flexible frame that is uniquely built to withstand the wear and tear toddlers put on them. These are fashionable sunglasses for toddlers and are even available in an assortment of colors, ensuring you can find the right look for your toddler’s personality and clothes. Take a look at the 360° view for closer looks at these amazing sunglasses.

19 reviews for Sky Sunglasses for Toddlers

  1. Shuyuan Liu

    Product and service are satisfied.

  2. Jennifer Hardy

    Super cute and fit my almost 2 year old son great!

  3. christy p

    The glasses were perfect for my son and fast shipping!

  4. Lauren Dunn

    The lenses scratched almost immediately, but they fit really pretty well on her face and don’t fall off.

  5. mog

    Purchased this and the Surf. Both were shipped extremely fast and arrived within a few days. Sunglasses appear to be indestructible. Fit perfectly and really fashionable. Would buy from again without hesitation.

  6. Stephen

    I am disappointed because instantly after ordering I wanted to add a pair to get the free shipping that I did not notice until after I ordered. That did not work out they can not add anything to your order if you write after ordering. And they don’t fit good but it says 6$ restocking fee to return so don’t buy unless you absolutely want them you can’t return them without losing money. Crappy customer service for me!! 🙁

  7. Naomi Barnes

    First time ordering sunglasses from this company and we are very pleased! Our two year old has extreme light sensitivity and needs eye protection when outdoors. The glasses fit her perfectly and seem to be very comfortable for her. She also loved the little emoji plush that came with it. She takes it everywhere! We will definitely order again in the future!

  8. Mari Rossi

    Fits my 2 yo perfectly and seems durable. Will definitely buy again.

  9. Christen Bloom

    My 3y old loves them

  10. Troy Spurlock

    These are very high quality but seem a bit small. My 2 year old granddaughter will grow out of them very soon.

  11. Carolyn Harmon

    I’m extremely impressed with the quality of the glasses! I will definitely be buying from them again and highly recommend anyone to make a purchase!

  12. Kimberlee Klee

    I ordered these for my granddaughter. They are a great fit. Nice quality glasses. Thank you for offering such a great product!!

  13. SW Michigan

    * UV400 Protection for my toddler’s eyes
    * 5 Sizes to choose from in multiple colors
    * Ships from the USA with a nice case holder!
    * If you call the customer service line, they answer the phone!
    * All offered at a great, affordable price

    Arrived in a couple of days. I couldn’t ask for more. The glasses FIT – thanks! I’ll be back to buy more for my child as she grows. I’ll also be back to buy more as GIFTS for her toddler friends. T h a n k Y o u for offering this line of eyewear !

  14. Anonymous

    These glasses our awesome and since they are so comfortable my toddler is finally willing to wear sunglasses!! And we live on the Florida coastline and our beaches our very bright! Our girls have larger heads (that’s my fault I guess lol)
    Than most kids their ages. So it was super hard to find sun glasses that would fit the girls and not hurt their heads or give them headaches. Most on the market just have hard plastic arms with no give.
    These glasses are durable and flexible!! I do wish the rims were bigger. They seem a little small but our 2 year old loves them! (Oh and I LOVE the aviator look of them!)

  15. Wendy Mills

    Very nice sunglasses for my 20 month old. She loves them and they are so cute and light weight.

  16. janet bachowski

    Flexfit 2yr she loved glasses but wish lenses were bigger.

  17. Anonymous

    These are just awesome! Very cute, easy for a 2 year old to get on, comfortable or she would not wear them, and with all the protection & safety a sunglass needs. Flexible & stylish! Way to go!! This will be what we buy for her from now on! I searched for the uv protection, etc for sunglasses for kids & accidentally found your site, have never heard of them but very happy to have found it!

  18. Dana

    These toddler sunglasses are both comfy and adorable! I can’t wait to see my little guy sporting his new shades!!

  19. Anonymous

    These are the only glasses my 18 month old actually liked to wear and will keep on! Brilliant!

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