Explorer Sunglasses for Babies

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When you take your baby out in the sun, what are you doing to protect their eyes? Our Explorer sunglasses for babies are a great solution. They come with an adjustable strap that can be used to keep the sunglasses comfortably on their heads and feature a wraparound frame that is perfect for minimizing peripheral light.


Few things are more fun than spending time outdoors with your precious baby. However, when enjoying the fresh air, you want to make sure their little eyes are protected from the sun’s rays. You can do just that by investing in 100% UVA/UVB protective sunglasses for babies from Real Shades. We offer unbreakable baby sunglasses that will withstand the rigors of routine use. Our Explorer baby sunglasses come with an adjustable strap, allowing you to use the sunglasses from the time your child is a newborn until around he or she is two years old. Best of all, you can choose from a wide assortment of colors to find the best fit for your child.

53 reviews for Explorer Sunglasses for Babies

  1. Jennifer (verified owner)

    These glasses are just as described. They fit my 5 month old granddaughter perfectly. She has only worn them for a short time so far, but she didn’t seem to mind having them on.

  2. Anonymous

    This is a must have for the summer! They are 100% UVA/UVB protection. I can’t wait till the baby gets here in May and she is all set for summer!

  3. Cheryl Prystal

    Excellent service. Product as stated.

  4. Miriam Acosta

    I purchased 2 glasses one for my 2 month old and one for my 4 year old. I loved the quality of the glasses. They are definitely built to last. They were so comfortable on my son he forgot he was wearing them. I loved the wrap around style of these glasses and you can’t beat the price. My only suggestion would be to fix the elastic on the 0+ baby glasses. The elastic band did not have a good trip on my 2 month old and they kept falling off. Overall I am extremely satisfied with these glasses and this company.

  5. Joseph Geiger

    Great product. It took a couple days for my 7 month old to learn to stop pulling them off, but now she loves wearing them outside and in the pool

  6. Anna

    My daughter loves it!

  7. Brittany

    Ordered baby, 2+ and 4+ and we love them!!! They stay on their faces and the fit is perfect! Thank you!

  8. Cathy

    My 7 months old son looks comfortable with it. The glasses stays on his head well. It does slides down a little bit when the back of his head against the inside of the car seat cause of the strap, but it’s not really a big issue. We love it. Can’t wait to bring him to the beach.

  9. Erin Wice

    So cute and functional love them

  10. Myriam Pelletier

    They seem to be comfortable for the baby, however, the elastic band is too long so that the glasses do not hold on the head of a 5-month-old baby.

  11. D Liu

    I like that these shades are made in Taiwan, but the quality just leaves a lot to be desired. Plus, these sunglasses are pretty stiff all around and my 7 mo old hates wearing them; he immediately tears them off everytime I’ve attempted to put them on him Really regret this purchase.

  12. Vickie K.

    Purchased these for my one year old grandson. They fit him perfectly. His is very light sensitive and these shield the sunlight out better than other sunglasses that have been purchased. Highly recommend them.

  13. Kathleen L.

    These shades are perfect for my baby girl. They protect her eyes and I have peace of mind knowing they won’t shatter. They’re Uber adorable too!

  14. Anonymous

    Fit is great for a 5 month old. He likes wearing them. Arrived quickly.

  15. Anonymous

    These are great! I have three daughters and we have tried several different styles and brands. These are my favorite. The go on easy and stay on.

  16. Sara Ousley

    Wonderful sunglasses. Pretty fast shipping speed especially since it was free. Very happy. Baby will be able to wear for a long time!

  17. Anonymous

    Perfect fit, they are benable and very durable which is perfect since he likes to play with them so much. I will definitely buy these again.

  18. Anonymous

    I had a pair of these for my daughter, when she was a baby and they were fine. Maybe our son’s head is bigger but these look ridiculously small on his face. I’m returning them.

  19. BW

    They are even better than I thought. Our 3 month old wears them with no problems.

  20. Shannon Fligg

    We were told about these from our friend. She has them for her son. We currently live in New Mexico where it is sunny and windy. We bought a red and black pair for our son who is almost 6 months old. He weighs 13.5 pounds. He was born 3 months early so he is small for his age and they fit him perfectly. Thank you so much for a great product

  21. Patricia Lordan

    Fantastic service. Great product.Delivery arrived when stated. Given plenty of information.

  22. Marc Krulewitz

    See above review.

  23. Shae-Lynn Hittel

    Great price! Fast shipping.
    My daughter is used to having headbands on so she isn’t bothered by them being on her face. These fit her great and I love the adjustable strap. I also love that the strap can be removed. I was pleasantly surprised that they came with a cloth protective case.

  24. Anonymous

    Awesome product and quality! My baby girl doesn’t mind wearing them and looks super cute in them too 🙂 Bonus points!

  25. Brad Smith

    With better weather coming soon, we ordered our 2 month old a pair of the polarized explorer glasses. He wears them around the house, still looking around at different things, without even trying to fuss with them or pull them off. They have plenty of room for him to grow, due to the head strap. 10/10 Perfect product that will get plenty of use (until it’s time for the next size)

  26. Anonymous

    Very nice product & very quick online ordering service

  27. Mary

    My 5 month old daughter hasn’t really worn these yet but they fit great and look so cute!

  28. AR

    We bought a pair of Babiators for our 5 month old but they were too big and kept falling off. Our son also did not enjoy having them on and would whip his head from side to side in an attempt to knock them off. The first time I put these on, he didn’t even seem to notice and continued playing with his toys. LOVE them!

  29. Rita Fredericks


  30. Kevin Mayorga

    Love the idea of non-toxic and useful sunglasses that I want a pair for myself. ????

  31. cherry

    I buy it for my friend’s baby,she is very very love it!

  32. Anonymous

    Love the quality….can’t wait to give to our grandson.

  33. Jazmin Marlin

    These shades are the cutest shades out there for young babies they stay ok. I wish they had more colors available and the strap on the shades could be wider. The price is higher than what is sold in stores but the quality and detail in these shades make it well worth the money.

  34. Mrs. Goldberg

    I love the sun glasses, however, my son is 4 months old and they just fit him. I’m keeping them because he can use them now, but I’ll have to buy more within the next couple of months. It says 0+, but it’s really not.

  35. Jennifer Malloy

    Perfect for my one year old! They look great and stay put with the adjustable strap. These are made well and are exactly what I was looking for.

  36. Anonymous

    My four month old son loves these! He no longer has to squint when we go for walks and they’re so comfortable on him, that he falls asleep frequently with them on his face. Thanks so much for such a great product!

  37. Christina LaPenna

    My experience was great! Order was shipped very fast and product was better than expected.

  38. Samantha

    My son is still adjusting to using glasses, but I am very pleased. They do not leave indents on his face or cause him any discomfort. They fit nicely and the strap is very soft.

  39. Elizabeth Wickware

    As an optometrist, my office doesn’t sell baby shades (but they should!). Knowing the effects of UV damage, I wanted something for my new baby to protect his sensitive eyes. These are high quality, durable, flexible. He’s almost 3 months old and they ALMOST fit (just a little big), I’m sure he’ll grow into them soon. They are a little smaller than the My First Shades style so they’ll fit him sooner. They are well crafted, very flexible and rubbery, perfect for an active little one. They are adorable, I like that they are rounded instead of rectangular, and that they sit high enough on the baby’s face for a baby who is looking upward most of the time to have a good field of view. And the UV protection is of highest importance. I’m very pleased, I will be recommending these to my patients!

  40. Katelyn Kennedy

    I’m so happy I found this company, I literally went to Google & typed “100% uv protection sunglasses” & this popped up. I was overjoyed to learn about all the different types of glasses you offer, mainly the ones that can’t bend and break. My daughter just turned 1 and she will bite, sit, bend, & throw about anything so I’m so glad to know she can’t damage these adorable glasses. Thank you so much and also the delivery was so quick.

  41. Bruce Finlay

    First order with Real Kids, and could not be happier. Ordering was easy, the sunglasses were shipped fast and well protected, and they even sent a case as their Facebook page said!

  42. Matt Lepselter

    Shipped super fast. Great glasses for babies! Couldn’t find stylish glasses that would stay on my sons head and these did both. Would highly recommend Real Kids Shades to any parent!

  43. janet bachowski

    Wanted blue/green baby0sunglasses but was unavailable got blue/orange .liked the glasses but not orange .color dull .baby hasn’t arrived yet.

  44. AMCK

    We have a 6mth old and a 2 year old who’s sensitive to light and we are always looking for well fitting sunglasses – both pairs we ordered are perfect and well fitted!

  45. Anonymous

    These are great! Unfortunately, the first time my 1 year old wore them, he took them off when he was in his stroller and dropped them. We were at a county fair and I retraced our steps to find them. I saw them lying on the ground and ran up to get them, very excited that I found them! But as I picked them up, I noticed that they were all scratched up and a lens was missing. It looks like the glasses were actually run over by one of the small trucks that were driving around the fair. The thing is, the frame was still intact! But the lenses are ruined so I’m going to buy another pair. But I think this is a great example of how tough these things are! If a truck can’t damage the frames on these things, surely a 1 year old can’t either!

  46. Oksana tsimmerman

    excellent product and quality, kids love it

  47. Anonymous

    Love them! Super cute and flexible with an adjustable strap that makes them fit perfectly. I was curious how my 6 month old daughter would react to having sunglasses on her face but she not only doesn’t mind, but smiles every time I’ve put them on her.
    Also, the order and shipping we’re really fast so we for the sunglasses within a few days.

  48. Samantha

    We purchased these for out 8 month old, hoping to use them for a while since they’re marketed size baby-toddler. They are a great product, but the sides aren’t soft enough for a baby. We ended up ordering the infant shades and will be returning these for a refund. I really like the style, but baby Teddy did not care for them and could take them off.

  49. Allie B

    Got these for my 5-month-old (14lbs, head circ 15″) and they are absolutely perfect. The elastic is not tightened as far as it can go, so they would even fit a smaller baby. They stay on her head in the baby bijorn without a problem and she doesn’t mind them at all. Only challenge is that they fall off in the car seat but I think it’s not any fault of the glasses. My kid is just wiggly! Will definitely be buying these in a bigger size when the time comes!

  50. Manish

    the shades are really good and fits my grandkids perfect, i’m very happy with this glasses

  51. Virginia Cristes

    Nice and confortable

  52. Amelie Lefebvre

    rapide et peu couteux

  53. Patricia

    We couldn’t be happier with my son’s(6 months) new sunglasses. The ear piece (sorry don’t know the correct word) are nice soft plastic material and seems very comfortable for my son. He pulled the glasses only once off and thinks it’s funny now, when we both wear our glasses.

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