Bolt Sunglasses for Kids

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Offered as an alternative to banded sunglasses, our Bolt sunglasses for kids are perfect for children who like to be children and enjoy all of the twists and turns that come along with childhood. They’re incredibly flexible, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking.

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  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Doctor recommended
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses
  • Unbreakable frames
  • Wrap around frame

Here at Real Shades, we’ve been selling unbreakable sunglasses for babies and kids since 2002. We know the most important thing in your life is the health and safety of your child, and we’re here to provide protection for your youngster’s eyes against the harmful damaging rays of the sun. These Bolt shades are durable, flexible, and offer 100% UVA/UVB protection. Not only are they stylish, but they come in a variety of colors!

19 reviews for Bolt Sunglasses for Kids

  1. Julie

    I bought these for my son and love them. They are flexible, sporty, fit well, and the lenses are extremely scratch-resistant.

  2. Kelly

    I bought this style because I wanted my son to have as much peripheral vision as possible still covered by the sunglasses. He has high cheeks, and this style of lenses doesn’t go down as far over the cheeks. I’m hoping he can use them when he plays sports outside. That being said, I gave four stars because I wish they came with a built in but removable strap like the 2-year-old glasses. A free one-size-fits-all strap came in the shipment, but it’s huge and not easily adjustable like the straps on the sunglasses for younger kids.

  3. Charles Agee

    These glasses are perfect for kids. Won’t break. Can order polarized lenses. Pricing very competitive. Great value. Very fast delivery also!

  4. Anonymous

    The glasses fit well & are stylish. They are flexible, so I think they’ll last. My son loves them & is excited to wear them.

  5. Anonymous

    We can’t wait to try out my son’s new sunglasses for vacation in a few weeks. I was really pleased with the construction, the shipping, and everything else. They look cool, but I love the durability of them. Thanks!

  6. Zhan Qi

    I like the glasses. It’s soft and safe for my child. I bought 4 more for my nieces and nephews.

  7. Anonymous


  8. Jessica

    LOVE these sunglasses, my son has been wearing this brand since he was a baby… about 3 years

  9. Janelle Beauchamp

    Bendy fleecy, nice fm dark lens. I would recommend age 3+ unless your toddler has a small head

  10. Brian Lilick

    Kids love them, very nice product

  11. Mary

    We’ve tried a lot of random cheap sunglasses and my boys would never keep them on. But they love these and take them everywhere and wear them happily. Such a great deal on a great product. I have an almost 5 year old and a 2 1/2 year old with a big head and I got them both the same size.

  12. Anonymous

    Cool is what our grandson said of these sunglasses. They are well made and stylish!
    Also, he loves the zippered pouch included with his new sunglasses!

  13. Wendy Mills

    First pair of sunglasses that do not hurt the sides of my 5 year olds head. Very comfortable and look really nice.

  14. ArtViv

    Looks well built and my son loves it.
    Additionally he likes the pouch that it came with.

  15. Nat

    Fast shipping, came undamaged. My 4 year old sone loves the glasses, they fit and stay well.
    4 stars because we just got them and want to see how they hold up to wear and tear.

  16. laura warren

    These sunglasses are perfect for my 4 year old, who tends to be very rough with his things

  17. Meg

    Seem study, connected a neck piece so he doesn’t lose. Liked that they came with a clear pouch with a fastener for a belt loop or even the lanyard grandson will be wearing there. He hasn’t tried them on yet but look big enough.

  18. Jennifer McFadden

    These sunglasses look great on our son and stay on! Very happy with them.

  19. Janice and David

    Good Design overall, it is even better than some Italian name brands we had before. The main feature that attracted our decision is the frame; the temples are totally flexible and much accommodating to our kids head and their little noses.

    Even though the frame fits well, I do wish the style could be a tad narrower in height to fit our pug-nosed kids. There is very little gap between the cheeks and the frame.

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