Bolt Polarized Sunglasses for Youth

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Have you struggled to find sunglasses that are durable enough to stand up to your rambunctious kidsโ€™ day-to-day activities? Well, struggle no more! Our two-tone Bolt polarized sunglasses for youth are practically unbreakable.


  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Doctor recommended
  • Shatterproof P2 (polarized + polycarbonate) lenses
  • Unbreakable frames
  • Wrap around frame

Sure, you can get cheap sunglasses that will break and you have to keep replacing them. Alternatively, you can invest in a pair of unbreakable youth sunglasses. These durable Bolt polarized shades are the perfect solution for your on-the-go youth. Recommended for ages 7 and up, they are available in several colors, offer 100% UVA/UVB protection, and are durable to the point of being unbreakable. Real Shades have been in the sunglasses business for over 20 years. We realize itโ€™s an investment, but your children are worth it!

Bolt polarized sunglasses for youth are perfect for children ages 7+.

29 reviews for Bolt Polarized Sunglasses for Youth

  1. Anonymous

    The Bolt PD sunglasses are fantastic for my 6 year old son an 9 year old daughter. We had an accident with the glasses (ran over by car) and got a replacement sent to us free of charge with no hassles. Thanks!

  2. Deborah Elliott

    My grandson has sensitive eyes and the sun hurts his eyes. These glasses are great. They protect his eyes and he can no go outside and play without a problem. Arrived quickly too!

  3. Laura

    Our eye doctor recommended polarized sunglasses for our kids with blue eyes. My 6.5 year old son loves his Bolt sunglasses and will even wear them during recess at school.

  4. Anonymous

    Have been very satisfied with these sunglasses.
    Customer service very helpful.

  5. Anonymous

    This is the 2nd pair of sunglasses I ordered from this site. The glasses are good quality, and constructed with kids in mind. I was especially impressed by how fast my order was processed and delivered (2 days) and all with free shipping! Highly recommend.

  6. Caroline

    I love these sunglasses. After losing our first pair while playing in the ocean (yes, bad idea – won’t do that again), we promptly reordered another pair. The quality is very high – my 7 year old wears his all the time and they continue to stay in great shape. The polarization is great too. Would highly recommend (and have several times).

  7. Anne

    My son is so picky about the way his sunglasses fit! We searched for years….literally going through dozens of other pairs before we found Real Kids. He has very sensitive eyes after a corrective surgery and NEVER goes outdoors without shades. He wears them to school and for sports as they are stylish, flexible and very durable! We order several pairs at a time and are customers for life!

  8. Becky S

    My nephew ripped the package from my hands to get his glasse out to try them on.

  9. Valerie

    My son loves the fit and feel of them. I’ve already stepped on them ๐Ÿ™ and they didn’t break or scratch. Good price, great product!

  10. Charles

    These glasses work great for my young boys. We have not tested the near the water yet, but they stay on their faces and are more comfortable than the cheapies you buy.

  11. Hsic17

    My son really likes it the royal blue is very nice
    Fit him well and good quality material very satisfied with my purchase

  12. Leo Duquette

    My son’s can be very hard on just about anything. They have broken many pairs of sunglasses. Until now. He loves the color and the fact that he can bend these frames. He plays baseball and has already had them knocked off his head and they were fine. Great Product….

  13. Natalie Cooper

    The flexibility is incredible a d rssentisl for an active boy. My 9 yo is outdoors being active all the he time, bit he is so rough w everything. These will hold up, my only fear is he will loose them!

  14. Manoj Roy

    Hi I am not at all satisfied with your product.

  15. Anonymous

    My 7 year old loves these glasses. He has very sensitive eyes and loves how well these work, how comfortable they are to wear and thinks they look pretty cool on top of it.

  16. heidi mastroianni

    great fit for young kids. my boys enjoy wearing them.

  17. Rhonda Todd

    Really a great pair of sunglasses for an 8 year old. Thank you.

  18. Caroline

    We got these to replace the Bolt sunglasses that my son had for 3 years. He loved those glasses and are sure to loves these even more, now that he has polarized ones. Unlike other sunglasses, they never fall off his face.

  19. Lance Meyer

    Although I had some difficulty with the website accepting my order, staff answered the phone promptly and professionally and finished the order. Sunglasses were received two days later.


  20. Anonymous

    My son absolutely loves his new glasses. I love that the case has a caribbeaner so I can attach it to his backpack to keep the glasses from getting lost. I do wish it had come with a small cloth to wipe his constant fingerprints off the lenses. Get product overall.

  21. sandie Trombert

    I bought these for my 6 year old. I also got the 4+ size for him thinking these would be too loose, but that’s not the case. They wrap comfortably and snuggly around his head.

  22. Nicole F

    I love the quality of these glasses. I feel comfortable giving them to my children and not having to worry that they are going to bend and break them. I also love that there was a free neoprene case for both pairs of glasses. And on top of it all, the glasses got here very quickly after ordering them. I will definitely be ordering more sun glasses from Real Kids!

  23. Gena Scott

    Glasses look great and they were delivered super quick! My son loves them!

  24. Anonymous

    My son, 8, wears sunglasses ALL the time since having eye surgery at a young age he is extremely light sensitive. We used to spend hours going around to stores searching for a pair that would comfortably fit on his head. The pair of Bolt polarized we bought are the best by far – they stay in place even during sports and are flexible, durable and cool looking. They are the only pair he will wear now so I have ordered several more colors!

  25. Donna

    They truly are unbreakable! Nice color selection and groovy styles. Fast shipping too.

  26. Anonymous

    It is hard to find comfortable sunglasses for kids that moves with them and not against them. I have bought two pairs of these for my sons, ages 2 and 4, for skiing, biking, hiking, and swimming. They stay on their face and really help them enjoy the outdoors. I’ve spent a lot of money trying to find the right sunglasses, and these sunglasses seem very comfortable to my kids. I bought UVA+UVB+polarized because we live at high altitude in the desert where the sun is always ‘on’. My kids’ heads are in the 90+ percentile, so I sized-up.

  27. mildred Castillo

    love the colors, and they were a perfect fit.

  28. Rochelle Price

    These are fantastic sunglasses! He already has a pair, but I bought these as a spare. He won’t wear the other cheaper brand spare he has anymore when we miss place these ones. They fit my son great, are light weight and a reasonable price. Shipping was very fast as well.

  29. Cristina Babik

    Love the style and color plus they are polarized ๐Ÿ™‚

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