Bolt Polarized Sunglasses for Kids

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Do your kids like to play rough? If so, you might be hesitant to pick them up a pair of sunglasses. But with our Bolt polarized sunglasses for kids, you won’t have to worry about your son or daughter coming home with another broken pair of shades.


  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Doctor recommended
  • Shatterproof P2 (polarized + polycarbonate) lenses
  • Unbreakable frames
  • Wrap around frame

Real Shades has been in business since 2002 selling protective eyewear for babies, kids, and adults. We know a thing or two about durable sunglasses for kids. We also know that parents who are willing to invest in their child’s vision are willing to spend a little more on one high-quality product than several cheap pairs of breakable sunglasses. These polarized Bolt sunglasses for kids are flexible, stylish, and completely unbreakable– all while being 100% UVA/UVB protective.

Bolt polarized sunglasses for kids are perfect for children ages 4-6.

30 reviews for Bolt Polarized Sunglasses for Kids

  1. Lindsey Procter

    We love Real Kids Shades. My boys now 8 &4 have been wearing them since they were babies. They both have light blue eyes like their mother so the Dr has always stressed wearing sunglasses. So glad these are kid proof. We just handed down a pair of baby shades to a friend that both my boys wore. Can’t believe they have outlasted two boys. So durable. Thank you Real Kids Shades.

  2. Christine Sherwood

    Great product & service.

  3. James

    Just came in the mail today, so little usage so far, but it fits my son great. Preliminary “bend tests” lead me to believe these will actually hold up to the wrath of a 4 year old. Shipped same day ordered. I’ll be a returning customer for sure!

  4. Anonymous

    This is a wonderful company. My son loves his glasses. They fit so well and I know his eyes are protected. Amazing service from start to finish.

  5. Deborah Elliott

    Great glasses. Arrived quickly and fit perfectly.

  6. CW

    This is my 3rd purchase, 5th pair of sunglasses. All other glasses break within a week. These last til the kids grow out of them or are just ready for something new. Will keep buying.

  7. Karen Murawski

    Arrived in beautiful condition!

  8. Mary Main

    They look great to me. Exactly what I wanted. Now to see how long they last with my 5 year old grandson!

  9. Boy Mom

    I have had these sunglasses for my 3-year-old and 4-year-old. He wears them a lot, and they have held up. I really like the polarized lenses as well as the rubberized sides that help them stay up to his eyes. They are the best sunglasses I have found for little ones.

  10. Becky S

    My nephew ripped the package from my hands to get his glasse out to try them on.

  11. Anonymous

    This was the second pair that I purchased for my 2 year old (we lost the other ones somewhere). They are fantastic, the arms can be bent in every direction and not break! I know they say for 4 and up but they have worked great for us!

  12. Anonymous

    My almost 6 year old loves these. I’m so glad to find a pair of quality eye protection that my son will actually wear.

  13. heidi mastroianni

    great fit for young children.

  14. Anonymous

    I would have given these sunglasses a 5 star rating. They are safe, flexible, stylish, and easy to wear for my children. However, I’ve noticed that the lenses scratch easily and they only last for about 6 months before there are too many scratches on the lenses for them to be healthy to wear anymore. Better than anything else on the market, though!

  15. Robert Wise

    Cool colors, comfortable and durable. Fit my almost 4 year old great. I’ve gotten cheap glasses before but the lenses scratch so easily and I’ve bought expensive kids Ray Bans too but I feel like I can’t trust him 100% to take care of them, plus they are still so big on him that he doesn’t like wearing them. He is co comfortable in his RealKidsShades the seems to forget he has them on.

  16. Stefanie Hopkins

    My son loves his sunglasses.. Super fast shipping too! Will definitely order another pair!

  17. Nicole F

    I love the quality of these glasses. I feel comfortable giving them to my children and not having to worry that they are going to bend and break them. I also love that there was a free neoprene case for both pairs of glasses. And on top of it all, the glasses got here very quickly after ordering them. I will definitely be ordering more sunglasses from Real Kids!

  18. Dmitri Filippov

    Pretty awesome glasses for 25$. Flexible and don’t look like they are cheaply made.
    Shipping took a few days.

  19. satisfied parent

    the size fits perfectly our big 3.5 year old. very comfortable, he likes them and wares them much more then any previous pair. the material is soft and flexible.

  20. Tom

    Great glasses, just can’t get the kid to wear them long enough to get use to them. Solid product. Hope they survive the summer road trip!!!

  21. Barb

    Purchase 3 pairs Flex fit for my 5 yr old grandson, 2 for each of his parents car and one for my car I have a mini cooper convertible. I work in the ophthalmology I know the importance of protecting your eyes.
    Small price to protect his eyes.

  22. Martha

    Fit well on my 2 year old (40inches, 38 pounds).

    Looked nice on him, and received them freaky fast.

  23. Anonymous

    Just got it yesterday. Look like a quality sunglasses. Hope it will last for a while.

  24. Kelly L.

    This is the 3rd pair of Real Kids Sunglasses my son has worn. He’s been a loyal wearer of RKS for 3 years…wears them everyday! Stylish & well made, the hold up very well.

  25. Anonymous

    These sunglasses are terrific. We’ve purchased several…not because they wear out but because our children wear them so much that they lose them!

  26. Christopher Ennis

    Ruggedized polarized kid – sized. Inexpensive… but, definitely not “cheap”. A must buy!

  27. Victoria

    Terrific product! Fast shipping and will continue to buy from this site.

  28. Anonymous

    My son wore his first Bolt sunglasses for about 6 months before he unfortunately lost them. He is on his second pair now (3rd purchased as back-up) and loves the fit, colors, and sun protection. He even wears them under his bike helmet and in the swimming pool. They are so far, unbreakable and have not scratched. Our daughter also has a darling pair at age 2. Thanks for making such a terrific product. I’d love to see a coupon offered in the future.

  29. Anonymous

    This is my son’s second pair of Bolt sunglasses. They are so flexible and comfortable; he loves wearing them. I like how they seem to be safer than more rigid sunglasses in case of a fall. The case is great to clip onto his backpack.

  30. Anonymous

    Sunglasses look great on my son! They are very flexible–enough so that adults can try them on without breaking them. The only thing I do not like is that the nose pieces (bridge?) are harder than I thought they would be. If my son falls, the nose pieces could gouge his face. This would be a great area to improve for future sunglasses by Real Kids.

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