Blaze Polarized Sunglasses for Youth

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Active kids lead active lifestyles, and unfortunately that can put a beating on sunglasses that aren’t up to the task. Our Blaze polarized sunglasses for youth are just what your child needs to stand up to their rugged lifestyle.


  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Doctor recommended
  • Shatterproof P2 (polarized + polycarbonate) lenses
  • Wrap around frame
  • Rubber tipped temples

We all know that kids are hard on everything. Here at Real Shades, we know that sunglasses are no exception. We’ve been offering stylish children’s and youth unbreakable sunglasses for over 20 years. These Blaze polarized youth sunglasses give 100% UVA/UVB protection while remaining unbreakable and stylish. They come in a handful of colors, so your tweens can choose for themselves which color they’d like. We realize sunglasses are an investment. Why not invest in unbreakable, stylish sunglasses?

Blaze polarized sunglasses for youth are perfect for children ages 7+.

25 reviews for Blaze Polarized Sunglasses for Youth

  1. California Mom

    We just put a basketball court in our back yard so my 8 year old is ALWAYS playing ball. I got him these sunglasses since he is looking up a lot, in the sun. He loves them and they look super cute on him!

  2. Connie Cline

    I love my new shades! I wore them for the first time today and they were so comfortable and were very effective in the sun. We live in Texas and I play lots of Pickleball. Pickleball can be quite aggressive with balls heading for your face and having protective eye gear is extremely important . I will be back to order more. I have a very small face and ordered youth 7+. They were a great fit. ReallyI did not notice I had them on. Very happy with this purchase.

  3. Jose Perez

    I ordered a set of the purple framed Blaze-youth sunglasses pictured on the website with the multi-colored lenses but received a purple frame with dark-colored sunglasses. Not what the pictured depicted!
    Otherwise, good price for these youth sunglasses.

  4. Stephanie English

    Awesome sunglasses! High quality well made sunglasses. Fit nicely in my 7 year old. So happy with these.

  5. Mutia Yustika

    My little boy really love it! He wears his sunglasses everytime he goes out, seems very comfortable with them.

  6. Mom of 2

    My soon to be 8 yr old son loves his new shades. Loves the polarized lenses. Comes with strap, no soft case. Good quality and style.

  7. Steph

    My daughter loves her Blaze. Real Shades has the best customer service! Her blade cracked and they replaced her glasses for her, free of charge. All 3 of my kids and myself all have Real Shades!!!

  8. Howie McGregor

    The pink polarized blaze ll that are in your pic has a coloured lens and when we received them they are not colour. Yes it says polarized but she also liked what the pic was showing. They fit her well which is nice and the price is nice also. But she really wanted the coloured lenses as shown.

  9. Coach Moseley

    I purchased these glasses for our 8U Softball Travel Team. The girls love them!! They fit great and stay put while plays are being made. The polarized glass help the girls stay safe and accurate when catching fly balls or throws. Thank you for a quality and affordable product!!!

  10. Kevin

    Purchased for my 8 year old. Fit perfectly and very good quality. Looks like my Oakleys so he loves them.

  11. Gary Joyce

    My nine year old is in sailing camp all summer, and needs the eye protection. Polarized lenses, snappy (my description!) style that he chose. Great selection throughout. I’m impressed. Will see how long they last! Still, a very nice price for what appear to be high-quality glasses. Shipment was super fast.

  12. melanie orhant

    The glasses seem nice enough, come with a plastic carrying case. However, they don’t fit on Asian faces. They bounced when my kid walks.

  13. Kristina

    They fit my 9 year old boy perfectly. The lens follows the face closely for great protection.

  14. Angela

    My son can not wear these sunglasses because they fit way too narrow to his head. He loves the look of them and I am going to try to find him a new pair on your site. He is 7 and I ordered the 7+ size for him. Very unfortunate!

  15. Brenda Goentzel

    Dissapointed that the sunglasses broke on the 2nd day using them. They aren’t your typical $5 throw away sunglasses to where I wouldn’t be upset about it. Don’t waste your money

  16. Beth Mount

    As an adult with a really narrow face it is difficult to find sunglasses that are not “kiddie” in my size, and don’t have cartoons on them. I was a little nervous about buying sunglasses without trying them on but after reading the reviews I decided to give it a try and love them. They fit snugly without cutting off the circulation around my head and don’t look like an adult trying to steal their kids sunglasses too.

  17. Monika

    Perfect fit for my 7-years old son.
    Great product!

  18. Anonymous

    We bought these for a very active 8 year old, and they didn’t disappoint. They have rubberized material on the ends of the frames that prevent them from slipping even when he bends over to get balls, or fish, yet cover his eye area completely. He likes the no frame on the bottom of the lens because “it’s cool”, and very lightweight. The fact that they are polarized and not just coated makes a huge difference in the clarity, especially when around water. They came with a soft case that clips onto a belt or golf bag as an extra perk. Great buy, very happy. And a “cool” color to boot!

  19. Anonymous

    They fit our 10 year girl great. She is on the smaller side and they even a little big.

  20. Jill D

    Love these sunglasses. Got them for my 6-year-old son, had to replace ones that broke. Love the case that comes with them.

  21. Anonymous

    Excellent fit and nice case included. My 9 year old likes wearing them and they are high quality for the price.

  22. Jill

    Good communication and fast shipping. My son thinks they “Look cool,” but it is too soon to know if he will keep them on.

  23. Alice

    These are a great fit for my 7 year old and he loves how sporty they look! Fits perfect!

  24. Andrea Caruso

    My daughter loves them, and I am excited that she can protect her eyes from the sun

  25. Michael

    It’s nice to find a pair of children’s sunglasses that fit my son’s head. Most are too tight at the temples. Also, I haven’t found a quality pair specifically for children. These look like high quality adult sunglasses. I’m sure my son will lose them and I will be back to order another pair.

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