Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids and Adults

Here at Real Shades, we understand how screens can sometimes dominate our lives. That’s why, in addition to our sunglasses, we also offer blue light blocking glasses for kids & adults. With these shades, you can reduce the amount of blue light that your eyes are subjected to, eliminating eye strain, retina damage, and age-related macular degeneration.

Toddler Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Ages 2+

Blue Light Blocking Glasses for ToddlersDigital devices can be great learning tools for toddlers, but without the proper protection, they can also be dangerous to your child’s eye health. Computer glasses can help to limit your toddler’s exposure to blue light, protecting their eyes now and into the future.

Kid Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Ages 4+

Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Ages 4+By the age of 4, your child will likely be even more engaged with technology than they were before. They’ll start reading, playing video games, and using screens in the classroom. Be sure that they remain protected by buying them a pair of anti-blue light glasses that they can use at home and at school.

Youth Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Ages 7+

Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Ages 7+Eventually our kids start to grow up, and when they do, they’ll have their own smartphones and computers to play around with. This means they’ll be exposed to even greater amount of blue light in their daily lives. Computer glasses from Real Shades can ensure that your children’s eyes remain healthy during this crucial stage of development.

Adult Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Adult Blue Light Blocking GlassesWhile we’re understandably concerned about our children’s eye health, we shouldn’t forget our own in the process! By regularly wearing anti-blue light glasses from Real Shades, you can protect your eye health while also being a good example to your kids.

To find the right shades for you or your kids, check out our sizing information or contact us online today.