Winter Sports Fun: Snowy Outdoor Activities with Kids

Winter Sports Fun: Snowy Outdoor Activities with Kids

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Like so many other firsts, it’s a magical moment when your child sees snow for the first time. But once the initial wonder and sparkle fades and the TV or video games start calling again, it’s time to open their eyes to the real fun they can have outdoors in the snow. 

Building a snowman is a timeless activity for celebrating the season. Help them roll large snowballs and stack them to make the body. Then, provide them with plenty of props and fun accessories for making their snowman come to life. Encourage them to get creative and really use their imaginations. 

Everyone loves a good sledding session. Kids go crazy for sled rides. The excitement of racing down a hill with winter air in their hair and the snow as your cushion. You can purchase a cheap sled at a grocery store or sporting goods store, or you can be resourceful and craft one with a garbage can lid. 

Show them some old fashioned fun by bundling up in waterproof snow gear and showing them how to make a snow angel. They may think it’s silly at first, but they are guaranteed to get into it. Grab some food coloring and some old articles of clothing, so kids can decorate and personalize their snow angel. 

Do as the Eskimos do and build an igloo or snow fort. If your kids love crafting forts with pillows and sheets, they’re sure to love this wintry building challenge. Make sure they have good gloves or a children’s shovel with which to build an arctic dome. 

With the right landscape and equipment, you can go skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing. These activities are a great way to get outside and get moving while enjoying the snow. Skiing and snowboarding will require some knowledge, skill and coordination while anyone child that can walk can instantly pick up snowshoeing. 

What are your favorite activities for enjoying snow days with kids? 

Remember to teach your kids about snow safety. And before they head outside, make sure they have sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays