Winter Eye Protection for Children

Real Kids Shades Xtreme Elements sunglasses

Real Kids Shades Xtreme Elements

Parents, we hope you are still placing sunglasses on your little ones every time you walk out of the door. If you stopped because the season changed then bring them back out. Just because the temperature has dropped and we are almost in winter does not mean UVA and UVB rays have disappeared. During cooler months the sun is positioned lower and at a different angle exposing more ultraviolet light. As you know children are at a higher risk to develop eye problems from UV rays because their eyes aren’t fully developed and the spend the most amount of time outside.

As you begin traveling to ski resorts and as we begin to receive snow it is even more important for children to wear sunglasses. It is critical for children to wear sunglasses or goggles in the snow because snow reflects more UV radiation than any other surface. If your child is exposed to a vast amount of UV light that has reflected off snow they could suffer from ‘snow blindness.’ To eliminate your child’s risk of ‘snow blindness’ be sure they wear the proper eye protection every day and especially in the snow.

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