Why You Should Wear Sunglasses in Sports

With spring and summer sports starting up, it’s important to start thinking about how best to protect yourself and your children. We’re not just talking about pads and uniforms, but also eyewear. A good pair of sunglasses can help protect your eyes from short-term and long-term damage sustained in sports. Here’s how:

Sunglasses protect against the sunWhy You Should Wear Sunglasses in Sports

The most basic reason to wear sunglasses in sports is the same reason you should wear them all the time while you’re outside—they block out the sun and protect us against harmful UV rays. Our eyes are especially susceptible to the sun’s UV rays, and by not wearing sunglasses, we can be left vulnerable to many eye-related health complications including eyelid cancer, macular degeneration, and corneal sunburn.

They prevent eye injuries

Baseball, soccer, football, you name it, most outdoor sports involve a lot of flying objects coming a bit too close to your face. But you don’t just have to worry about getting a baseball in the eye; dirt, sticks, rocks, and other debris can get in your eyes while you’re diving for a touchdown or reaching to block a goal. Sunglasses can act as an extra barrier between your eyes and whatever’s flying towards your eyes.

Sunglasses boost athletic performance

You can’t play your best when you’ve got the sun in your eyes. Getting a pair of sunglasses can ensure you see everything, and if you play water sports, then polarized sunglasses will cut down on glare and help you see things below the surface.

No matter what sport you play, you want to make sure your eyes are protected. Check out our collection of adult and children’s sunglasses so you can prepare yourself for your next practice.