Why Our Children’s Sunglases are Made from Polycarbonate

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What do our children’s sunglasses and bullet proof vests have in common? Polycarbonate. Our hard wearing lenses are all made of super tough polycarbonate, the same material used in bullet proof vests, automobile headlights, and CDs.


When we developed our children and infant sunglasses we wanted the toughest material available. Polycarbonate was an easy choice because it is both shatterproof and impact-resistant.


If you are reading this blog chances are you are a parent. So, we are preaching to the choir when we tell you kids are tough on things! And we are parents, too, so we knew the peace of mind a pair of sunglasses like these can provide. Sunglasses that block UVA and UVB rays while also being impact-resistant and shatterproof will protect our kids’ eyes from the sun and from further injury in a situation such as an accidental elbow to the eye! However, just because sunglasses are tough, it doesn’t mean they can’t look great, as well. Check out some of the fun shades designed by Real Kids Shades.


Our Flex Duo comes in a variety of lively color combinations.

flex duo pink and orange
Flex Duo in Pink and Orange


We named these sunglasses Xtreme Chill because they were designed for cold weather wear. However, most kids consider their looks “xtremely chill.”

xtreme chill shades
Xtreme Chill Shades


Parents love the whimsical patterns and fun colors of My First Shades, which are designed for babies and toddlers. They are comfortable to wear so your infant won’t want to take them off.

Stocking Stuffers for Babies
My First Shade


How are your kids tough on their sunglasses? Has your child ever lost or broken a pair of sunglasses because they weren’t durable enough? Have you ever had trouble getting your kid to wear sunglasses because they weren’t “cool” enough or because they “felt funny.” Share your sunglasses success or woes in a comment below!



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