What’s P2 Lens Technology?

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Our P2 Lens Technology combines the superior lens material of polycarbonate with polarization to create lenses that offer the ultimate in anti-glare and eye protection for active kids. Let’s look at both factors in turn to get a better idea of how they each contribute to creating high quality sunglasses for kids.

Blade Shades in Silver


All of the lenses in our sunglasses are made from polycarbonate, the same material used for bullet-proof vests, vehicle headlights and CDs. Not only is polycarbonate the toughest material available, it’s also shatterproof, scratch resistant and impact resistant.

Most other types of plastic lenses are made through a cast molding process, where liquid plastic in the shape of the lens is baked for a long period of time until it solidifies. Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is a thermoplastic material, and its manufacturing process makes it the safest choice on the market, says VSP. Polycarbonate begins its life as solid pellets that are heated to melting point. Upon reaching liquid form, the material is quickly injected into the lens mold. It is then compressed under high pressure and cooled to form lenses in their final form. The entire process is completed in just a few minutes.

Blade – Tween – 10+


Glare is not just annoying, it’s also dangerous to the eyes, especially to kids enjoying long outdoor adventures, explains VSP. Polarized sunglasses include an almost invisible filter that significantly reduces the amount of reflected light entering the eye, making images appear sharper and clearer. Real Kids’ sunglasses with polarized lenses reduce glare by up to 99 percent and offer superior optical comfort.

At Real Kids, we have a number of quality sunglasses for kids with P2 Lens Technology; including Explorer (in Toddler and Kid sizes); Bolt and Breeze (in Kid and Youth sizes); Blaze and Storm (in Youth size); and Blade (in Tween size). Visit our website to check out our sun essentials with P2 Lens Technology and purchase a pair for your child today!

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