What to Look for When Buying Sunglasses for Your Children

Sunglasses for KidsThings to Remember When Buying Children’s Sunglasses

One of the simple activities that children enjoy is going out on a nice, sunny day and playing outdoors. While they are having their fun in the sun, it is important to remember that the sun can provide harmful UV rays that can damage their eyes with little warning. To protect them, invest in a solid pair of children’s sunglasses. When shopping, here are a few tips to remember:

Make Sure That They Fit

It may seem like a no-brainer, but ensuring that their sunglasses fit properly is key. Wearing sunglasses that are even slightly off can allow sunlight to pass above, below or around the lens, causing damage to the eyes. It’s also important to get relatively close-fitting frames to aid in keeping debris out of their eyes. Spend some time considering the different styles to ensure that the frames cover their eyes and fit comfortably.

Look for Important Features

Children are much more playful and hard on their glasses than adults, which is why children’s sunglasses are designed to include several safety features to protect not only the glasses themselves, but also the kids who wear them. Features include spring-loaded hinges that allow the frame to bend past 90 degrees, impact-resistant lenses that are made from a polycarbonate or plastic lens that’s designed to not crack or break when struck, and “unbreakable” frame material that won’t snap when impacted and cause possible cuts or injuries.

Read the Labels

Often times you will find sunglasses that have a label on them announcing that those glasses “block UV rays.” That may sound good, but in truth, sunglasses are not truly protecting you unless they block 100 percent of both UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays. These rays can cause all sorts of damage, from corneal sunburn to skin cancer of the eyelids, so it is crucial to have 100 percent protection. Doing your research ahead of time allows you to find the perfect sunglasses that will provide complete protection.

As a parent, it is important to you that your kids are safe, and that starts with the eyes. Do some research and order the perfect pair for kids or for youth from Real Kids Shades today.