What Real Moms are Saying About Real Kids Shades

The mommy blog-o-sphere has been buzzing lately about Real Kids Shades! It’s always exciting for us to see what parents are saying about our shades. If you’ve never purchased a pair of our UV protective sunglasses for your own children, take a look at what others enjoy most about them.


Full Time Mama blogger Alesha knows just how important sun protection is because she and her four kids live in Arizona and “get more than [their] fair share of sun.” Each of her kids tried out a different style of Real Kids Shades, and Alesha loved them all! Not only do they provide the protection moms can find peace of mind in but the price point, too! She shared:


“Real Kids Shades are affordable… Sure, you can buy cheap kids’ sunglasses elsewhere, but unless they have many of the features that Real Kids Shades provide, they will not adequately protect your child’s eyes!”



Photo via Full Time Mama


Randi of A Ladybug on the Go also had some great things to say about Real Kids Shades. She loves gardening and being outdoors in general, and likes to include her kids in various outdoor activities, so she is well aware of the need to protect her kids eyes – she just didn’t realize that other sunglasses don’t offer the best protection. But what Randi loved most is the way our shades are designed just for kids’ faces. She wrote:


“The best thing is that ‘Real Kids Shades are specifically constructed to fit kids’ faces and their lifestyles.’ So I have to worry less about keeping the glasses on or Destructo Declan from destroying them right away.”



Photo via A Ladybug on the Go


Tia from the blog My Pleasant Nightmare was just as pleased with the stylish options available as she was with how protective and durable all of our kids’ shades are. She writes:


“My kids LOVE them. We left the house yesterday and my almost 4 year old forgot his and started crying. We had to turn around and get them. My 8 year old commented on how they were wayyyyy cooler than regular old sunglasses for kids because “these look like grown up glasses.” Baby girl can’t talk but she sure didn’t mind wearing them at all…

… Real Kids Shades has really done their research, and they have created glasses that I trust to protect my children’s eyes.”



Photo via My Pleasant Nightmare


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