Understanding Sun Safety is Critical to Tweens & Teens

Understanding Sun Safety is Critical to Tweens & Teens

Make sure kids are wearing sunscreen when they’re going to be out in the sun. Source: Shutterstock

By the time your kids reach their tween and teen years, they are responsible for looking after themselves without constant adult supervision. To stay safe, therefore, they need to fully understand the risk of being out in the sun and what precautions they should take to keep healthy.

Tweens, Teens and Sun Safety

Use sunscreen

Whatever your kids’ age, they should be using sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Leave a bottle in the bathroom to encourage your kids to apply lotion as part of their daily routine and add another to your tween’s equipment bag for reapplication during after-school sports.

Stay out of the sun

It is important to try and stay out of direct sunlight between the hours of 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, when UV rays are at their most intense, says SunSafely.

Cover your skin

Long-sleeved t-shirts, pants or a long dress or skirt, and a wide-brimmed hat all help to maximize protection from the sun. To make sure your kids actually wear the clothes, take them shopping and allow them to pick out items that meet your criteria.

Use self-tanners safely

As kids grow up, they become ever more self-conscious about their looks and often desire to get a tan. It is essential to explain to your tweens just how dangerous tanning salons can be; for instance, sun lamps may transmit UV rays that are up to 15 times more powerful than sunlight, explains the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Much better alternatives to tanning salons are lotions and creams. High-quality products will not turn your skin orange but create the same appearance as if you had spent time in the sun, without the high risk of UV exposure. If your tweens do opt for tanning products, make sure they use these with sunscreen. The best way to ensure that your kids stay safe is to lead by example, says EWG Sun Safety.

Lastly, make sure that your kids always wear sunglasses when outdoors. You can find a range of fashionable styles for tweens in the Real Kids collection.