Toys That Pose a Risk of Eye Injury to Kids

Toys That Pose a Risk of Eye Injury to Kids

Games with small pieces can be dangerous. Source: Morguefile

Parents, friends, and relatives love buying toys for kids, especially over the holiday season. However, not all toys are made equal, and some even pose a significant risk to eye safety. This is a factor that few people consider when purchasing gifts for children. This winter, avoid buying toys that can cause eye injury to kids.

1. Toys That Shoot Projectiles

All projectiles pose a risk to the eyes — even soft darts moving at a fast speed can lead to serious damage.

2. Water Toys

Water shot into the face, especially from a short distance, can lead to eye injuries. You should also avoid water balloon launchers, advises All About Vision, as water balloons can lead to blunt eye trauma, retinal detachment, and even permanent vision loss.

3. Games with Fishing Poles

Children playing with toy fishing poles may accidentally poke another child’s eye or swing the object on the end of the fishing line into another child’s face.

4. Toys with Sharp Ends

A number of toys fall into this category including toy wands, swords, sabers, and guns with bayonets.

5. Aerosol String

Should they make contact with eyes, the chemicals in aerosol string can lead to irritation and chemical conjunctivitis, a type of pinkeye. Worse still, impact at close range can lead to a corneal abrasion, which can turn into a serious eye infection.

6. Lasers

Laser pointers and high-powered LED flashlights are not toys. Looking directly at such an intense light may cause temporary blindness.

7. Games with Small Pieces

Toys and games with small pieces, that may break easily, or that have parts that can be pulled off are not appropriate for children under the age of three or older children who still like to put things in their mouths, warns All About Vision.

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