Top Trends in Kids’ Sunglasses

Top Trends in Kids' Sunglasses

Source: Real Kids

Sunglasses are even more important for children than for adults for two reasons. Firstly, kids typically spend more hours outdoors in the sun, and studies suggest that between one-quarter and half of all UV radiation of a lifetime occurs by the age of 18, reports All About Vision. Secondly, children’s eyes are more susceptible to damage due to an underdeveloped lens that is less capable of filtering sun rays.

Therefore, it is essential that kids use quality sunglasses whenever they are outdoors. To encourage your children to keep their shades on, you need to find a pair that they like. Consider these five top trends in kids’ sunglasses to pick a style for your children.

Popular Sunglasses Styles for Kids

  • Adult styles. Many kids want to wear sunglasses that resemble those of their parents or older siblings. It is common to find kids’ sunglasses in the same sophisticated styles as for adults, such as Shine and Fly for Tween from Real Kids.
  • Plastic frames in deep tones. Bubblegum shades are out and rich colors are in. Real Kids has shades that fall into this category for every age group, from Baby to Tween.
  • Sportswear. Sunglasses for sports that mimic the appearance of adults’ shades are also popular. Remember, it is important to find a pair designed specifically for safety and comfort while playing sports, such as our Blaze, Storm, and Blade shades for Youth and Tween, all of which come with the option of P2 Lens Technology for polarized lenses.
  • Clip-on sunglasses. If your child uses prescription glasses, you can magnetically attach clip-on lenses for UV protection.
  • Brand names. Kids are becoming interested in brand names at a younger age than ever, and Real Kids is fast becoming a well-known name for sunglasses.

Shades in the Real Kids collection are all designed specifically for particular age groups. Our sunglasses come with polycarbonate or lightweight metal frames for optimal comfort along with shatterproof lenses with 100 percent UV protection to keep your kids’ eyes safe every day. Check out the full range online to find the perfect pair.