Tips to Help Regain Momentum for the School Year

tips for regaining momentum for the school year

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Most kids around the country have been back at school for a month or so now, and the excitement surrounding the new school year may have worn off. Some families may now find it challenging to get up and get going in the mornings, hurriedly searching for backpacks, homework, and lunch boxes, while others may have kids who no longer feel motivated or worse, have a dreaded case of “the school bus blues.”


When these feelings start to settle in, it’s time to find a way to regain the momentum you and your kids had at the beginning of the school year. The following activities are a few we’ve come across that will help your family get back into the swing of things and make school days, particularly mornings, start off smoothly and make them fun again.


  • Set a daily routine, Summer Nanny advises, and reevaluate it as needed to make sure your school days start off without a hitch. Encourage your kids to wake up on time by offering them a reward at the weekend if they manage to do so every day for a whole week. Then, provide your kids with a nutritious breakfast, and prepare school lunches at home to ensure they are always eating healthily. In the evenings, promote restful activities and strict sleep schedule. This will prevent your kids becoming overtired, which can lead to difficulty concentrating at school as well as help them get up and going on time.
  • Babble recommends organizing your home, dedicating a specific area for your kids’ backpacks, homework, supplies, and shoes so that everything is ready to be grabbed in the morning.
  • Laying out clothes in advance is also a tip Babble highly advises. Set out your kids’ school clothes the night before to eliminate the stress that comes with not being able to find clean clothes in the morning – some find it easier to help their kids select a week’s worth of outfits so there’s no question what they want to wear and if it is clean. Additionally, always check that your kids have enough clothes to last them through the week to avoid any late night laundry.
  • Daily Comet also reminds us to avoid stress. Don’t try to do everything yourself. If your kids need to be driven to school, arrange a carpool with other parents to give you all a break while reducing your carbon footprint. Or divide some of the household chores between your children, even if it is just something simple like asking them to make their own lunches.
  • Also, don’t forget to make school and learning exciting. Some kids may be struggling to find their momentum simply because they aren’t too thrilled with the subjects they are studying. Encourage them to have a positive outlook and to remember each day can bring about something new and fun to learn.


What tips or advice can you share that have helped your family keep the momentum going as the school year progresses? Share with Real Kids Shades in a comment below!


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