Tips for Understanding & Calming Kids’ Back to School Jitters

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kids sunglassesMany kids feel a sense of excitement about returning to school and seeing friends they have missed all summer, but it is natural to them to feel a little anxious about the start of a new school year, too. This is especially true for little ones starting kindergarten or children entering school they’ve never attended before. For parents, it is important to know how your kids are feeling and what to do before the big day arrives to help remedy those back to school jitters.


Today compiled a list of the most common anxieties experienced by kids at the start of a new school year, creating a great breakdown of how your kids may be feeling depending on their grade level:

  • Kindergarten: While many kids long to start kindergarten, it is likely that most will be feeling anxious about what activities they’ll be doing, how easy it will be to make friends, whether they will get along with the teacher, and how much homework they’ll have.
  • Grade school: Most grade schoolers are likely to be concerned about new academic challenges and social issues like fitting in with their peers.
  • Middle school: Fears at middle school usually include getting lost on a new campus, whether or nor old friends will be in the same classes, if they’ll make it to class before the bell rings during transition times, and making sure they can open their locker.
  • High school: The biggest concerns of high schoolers tend to be social, similarly to the concerns of middle schoolers, although many do worry about grades and getting along with their teachers.


Once you’re aware of what’s causing your child’s nervousness, you can work on helping them overcome those feelings For example, if you’ve just moved to a new school district and your child is worried about beginning in a new place, The Child Study Center recommends booking a visit to the new school so your kids can familiarize themselves with the facilities and meet their new teachers, if possible. Also, share your own similar experiences with them. It helps to know others’ have been in their shoes. And if your child is particularly concerned about fitting in and making new friends, try this tip from Back To School – get to know just a couple new people every day.


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Parents, how do you help your children combat those back to school jitters and help them settle into the school-year routine? Share with us in a comment below.


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