Tips for Tween Eye Health

As kids grow up, they can become harder to deal with, particularly when they reach their tween years. However, there are a number of easy ways you can help maintain your tweens’ eye health. This way, they can continue to perform at their best in both class and sports.

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Steering Clear of Junk Food

Foods high in fat lead to deposits that limit blood flow to arteries in every part of the body. The eyes are particularly at risk due to the small size of their blood vessels, explains Bausch + Lomb.

Eating Antioxidant-Rich Foods

A diet rich in antioxidants can help maintain healthy vision and reduce the risk of conditions, such as macular degeneration. One important antioxidant is vitamin A, which can be found in vegetables in the form of beat carotene, as well as in meat. According to Eye Doctor Guide, too little vitamin A in your tween’s diet can lead to night blindness and xerothalamia, a condition that can cause dry eyes, swollen eyelids and permanent blindness.

Periodic Eye Tests

Children of all ages should take an eye exam every one to two years, advises the American Academy of Ophthalmologists. Regular eye tests can rule out vision problems and eye diseases.

Consider Contact Lenses

If your tween is self-conscious about wearing glasses or feels that glasses are a nuisance for playing sports, you may want to consider contact lenses. You’ll need to talk to your eye doctor about whether contact lenses are suitable for your child’s eyes, and consider if your tween will be responsible about taking the proper care to avoid irritation, infection and eye damage.

Regular Exercise

According to Eye Smart, exercise is important for stimulating blood circulation and oxygen intake to the eyes, as well as for keeping weight at a healthy level to reduce the risk of diabetic retinopathy.

It is essential for tweens to protect their eyes from the sun, but it can be difficult to ensure kids always wear sunglasses. The Real Kids’ collection includes stylish sunglasses for tweens that your kids will need no encouragement to done whenever they head outdoors.