Tips for Traveling with Kids

With spring break coming up in little over a month, now is the perfect time to start planning your family trip. Last year, we looked at how you can keep kids occupied on long car rides. This year, our tips are aimed at reducing stress and helping you to have an enjoyable trip with your family, whether you’re planning to travel by car, plane, train, or bus.


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Use brightly colored luggage that matches your family’s shirts to keep everyone and everything together while traveling.
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Have a Color Code
Minitime recommends dressing every family member in a brightly colored T-shirt that matches their backpack, making it easy to tell where everything is. If you’re flying, opt for a wheeled carry-on bag within the color code over checked baggage, which could easily be lost or go missing.


Packing Tips for Parents
While you should definitely allow your kids to help with the packing, make sure they’re supervised, Rough Guides advises. Kids often pack many unnecessary items and leave out the essentials.


Creating Individual Goodie Bags
Once you’ve started on your journey, give every child a personalized bag of activities, games and treats to keep them entertained. Best Western suggests books, pads of paper, stickers, a deck of cards and brochures about your destination.


Inquire About the Facilities
You may be able to reduce the number of things you bring along by contacting your hotel in advance, Huff Post Travel advises. Find out if your hotel supplies cribs, bedding and toiletries, and if facilities nearby rent strollers and car seats. This way, you can avoid bringing along these bulky items.


Keep Everyone Together
Whether you’re alighting elevators, using public transport, or moving through the airport, remain in the same order, says Minitime. Preferably, an adult at the front and back of the group with the kids in the middle, from youngest to oldest. This way, if the group becomes divided, no children are left without an adult.


Wherever you’re traveling, and however you’re getting there, remember to pack sunglasses for the whole family. You can find shades for all your kids’ springtime travels at Real Kids.