Tips for Mountain Biking with Kids

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Now that spring has arrived and summer break is just around the corner, we’re constantly thinking of fun activities to do with our families. Most kids enjoy riding their bikes around the neighborhood or at a local park, but why not take it up a notch and plan a family outing to go mountain biking?

Mountain biking is a great activity for kids, as it allows them to enjoy nature in a new way. It also teaches them how to be a safe cyclist while building their stamina and endurance. If you’re thinking about planning a mountain biking outing for your family, below are a few tips to keep in mind.


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Make sure you have the right equipmentUtah Mountain Biking recommends involving kids in the process of obtaining the right mountain biking gear, especially when choosing a bike and helmet. The League of American Bicyclists reminds us that helmets should sit “level on the head and snug.”


Plan your routeREI recommends also involving kids in planning which route you’ll take and where you’ll make a quick stop to eat a snack or just take in the view.


 Be prepared for anything Carry a kit that contains tools like a tire pump and levers for quick repairs that might come up along the way, as well as a first aid kit that includes bandages and antibiotic cream.


Pack snacks – Mountain biking is strenuous, so be sure to pack some snacks to help keep you going. Also, be sure to carry plenty of water and remind kids to sip on it along the way, not just when they feel thirsty.


Have Fun! –  Above all else, make it a fun adventure your kids will never forget. The International Mountain Bicycling Association suggests snapping some photos to commemorate the day, as well as adding in some fun skill games such as “slow-motion riding” or “how to bunny hop.”


Of course, you don’t want to forget sun protection while you’re mountain biking. Be sure to apply sunscreen before and during your outing, and make sure your kids are equipped with protective sunglasses. Real Kids Shades has several sporty options that would be perfect for a mountain biking excursion. Visit our website today to check them out.

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