Tips for Helping Babies & Kids Adjust to Wearing Sunglasses

Parents understand just how essential it is for their kids to wear sunglasses, but this can be very hard to explain to young children and infants, who may feel restricted by their shades and want to remove them.

It's important for babies and infants to get comfortable in sunglasses. Source: Real Kids

It’s important for babies and infants to get comfortable in sunglasses. Source: Real Kids

It is important not to give up! Get your kids in the habit of wearing sunglasses every day, and it will form part of their everyday routine for life. Here are some tips to encourage kids to wear their shades, suggested by Kids Growth.

  • Introduce the shades when your child is in a good mood, perhaps presenting them as an exciting gift.
  • Remind your kids to put on their shades whenever they leave the house and take them off when they come inside.
  • Emphasize what a difference wearing sunglasses makes to vision. Point out to your kids that if they can see better in the bright sun, they can improve their performance in sports and other outdoor activities.
  • If your kids pull off their shades, put the sunglasses straight back on. Be firm, but avoid becoming angry as this can turn wearing sunglasses into an ordeal.
  • Praise your kids for remembering to wear their shades.
  • Show your kids that wearing sunglasses is cool by drawing their attention to older kids, athletes, and celebrities who are using shades. Young children are more interested in being like their parents, so make sure that you set a good example by wearing your own sunglasses.
  • Check the fit of your kids’ sunglasses. You will need to purchase new pairs every few years to avoid shades becoming tight and uncomfortable.
  • Allow your kids to choose their own shades; just make sure that the frames fit and the lenses block at least 99 percent of UV light.

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