Tips for Gardening with Kids

Do your kids like to play in the dirt, perhaps make mud pies or check out the bugs on the ground? If so, you may have some natural green thumbs on your hands!


tips for gardening with kidsGardening is a very rewarding activity to take part in with your kids. Whether you’re planting a simple flower bed or are hoping to harvest some delicious vegetables, there are a number of great skills your child can practice and learn, like patience and responsibility. Plus your child will come away from the experience with a sense of satisfaction in knowing that they had a hand in transforming a seed or bulb into something beautiful.


If you’re thinking about gardening with your kids this spring and summer, below are a few great tips to keep in mind.

  • Take the time to teach your kids about what plants need to grow and thrive, such as sun, soil, and water and how these differ from plant to plant.
  • Make gardening a daily activity. Even if your plants don’t need specific daily care, it’s still fun to check on your plants and see how they are making progress. If your kids are younger, you may especially want to use fast-germinating seeds as they’ll sprout much more quickly.
  • Give each kid a specific responsibility. For example, you could make each child responsible for the care of one plant or a certain section of the garden.
  •  Also take some time to teach your kids about the various bugs and critters you may find in your garden as a part of its natural ecosystem. Show them which bugs are pests and the ones that help deter other pests from the garden.
  • Have fun! Let your garden become another play space and use your imaginations. For instance, digging for potatoes can turn into digging for buried treasures. Remember that if it turns into a chore, your kids won’t enjoy it as much.


Also, don’t forget to protect your skin and eyes from the sun while you’re gardening. Make sure your kids have sunglasses that offer protection from UV-A and UV-B rays and be sure to apply sunscreen to any areas of skin not covered by clothes or hats.


Do you garden with your kids? Leave a comment below and share your tips for gardening with kids!


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