Tips for Buying Safe Toys this Holiday Season

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buying safe toys for kids
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In 2011, more than 262,000 people received treatment in hospital emergency rooms for toy-related injuries, according to Prevent Blindness America (PBA). Out of all these injuries, 74 percent were suffered by children under the age of 15 and a total of 92,000 were experienced by children under the age of 5.


The statistics can seem rather alarming, and with the holiday shopping season now upon us, it’s extremely important to make sure the toys you plan to give your children are safe and pose minimal risk to their eyes. Before you head to the toy stores this holiday season, keep these tips in mind to ensure you buy safe toys for your kids.

  • What To Expect reminds us of the importance to follow age guidelines. Toys designed for older kids and teens may be unsuitable, or even dangerous, for preschoolers and younger children.
  • Ensure toys meet safety standards, PBA advises. The letters ASTM on product labels signifies that the product meets national safety standards required by the American Society for Testing and Materials. Be sure to look for this designation before you head to the checkout.
  • Also, Eye Smart recommends checking laser product labels. All lasers should include a statement that the product complies with the 21 CFR Subchapter J.
  • Toys with sharp edges, points, and corners should also be avoided, as What To Expect recommends. Toys with sharp edges and corners can be especially dangerous for babies and toddlers since they tend to stick things in their eyes, mouths, and ears.
  • If you’re planning to buy sunglasses for your kids, buy high-quality sunglasses (PBA). Cheap sunglasses found in the dollar bin usually feature frames or lenses can break and cause injuries to the eyes.
  • The Consumer Safety Commission (CPSC) warns that chocking hazards should also be eliminated before giving toys to your children. Remove plastic film on toys and keep small children away from uninflated and burst balloons as well as loose and small toy parts.
  • The CPSC also advises that parents practice caution when allowing children to play with toys featuring magnetic parts and to keep these away from young children. Two or more swallowed magnets can cause serious intestinal injuries.


Once your children have opened their gifts, remember that adult supervision may be necessary when kids are playing with certain toys (Eye Smart). Make sure an adult has careful watch over kids when they are playing with a toy or game that has the potential of causing an eye injury, such as darts.


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