Tips for a Family-Friendly New Year

kids new year's eveIn just a few days your kids will be begging you to stay up all night so they too can bring in the New Year. As a parent you know your kids better than anyone else, which means you know they will more than likely will be fast asleep by 12am. That is unless you have a night owl or two on your hands. To keep you and your little ones satisfied keep these tips for a family-friendly new year in mind:

  • Obey the sandman. Don’t push your child to stay up any later than they are able to. One night of celebrations may not be worth ruining or a routine or an extremely cranky child.
  • Don’t focus on midnight. Celebrate early on New Year’s Eve or on New Year’s Day so your child won’t feel left out by falling asleep early. A festive brunch or dinner substitute perfectly for a midnight party.
  • Let them be involved. If you’re hosting a party, let your child invite a friend or two over and let them help you set up.
  • Make family time a priority. Whether you go all out for New Years or not, start a tradition with your family that you can look forward to each year.