Three Tips for Halloween Eye Safety

Photo credit Martha Stewart

Halloween is just around the corner so we wanted to share these several smart tips for Halloween eye safety adapted from the Vision Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles website. Keep these tips in mind when you are selecting a Halloween costume for your child.

1. Don’t Wear Decorative (Non-Prescription) Contact Lenses

It is against the law for unlicensed outlets to sell contact lenses. Despite this fact, the use of “costume or decorative” lenses are on the rise. These lenses are particularly popular with the teen crowd.

According to The Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles “Decorative lenses from unlicensed manufacturers may be made from inferior plastic or may contain toxic dyes. In addition, untrained individuals may not follow proper hygiene in inserting or removing the devices. Eye infections related to improper wearing and handling of contact lenses can rapidly develop into corneal ulcers, which can cause permanent blindness.”

2. Only Use Make-Up Approved by the FDA on the Face or Around the Eyes

If your child’s costume comes with make-up make sure that the makeup includes ingredients approved by the FDA. This make-up can be poor quality so you might be better off finding hypoallergenic makeup at the pharmacy just to be safe. Also, make sure that any makeup you use around the eye is approved for use in that area. It is not a good idea to use blush, lipstick or lip liner around the eyes since bacteria from the mouth or face could be transmitted to the eye.

3. Avoid Swords and Other Pointed Objects on Kids’ Costumes

Resist the temptation to allow your child to carry a sword or other sharp item. While it may “complete” the look of the costume you are just asking for trouble! Not only could you child poke themselves in the eye, they could injure other trick of treaters.


Here’s to a fun and safe Halloween!