Three Days Left to Vote for the Cribsies

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There are only three days left to vote for the Cribsies! Please vote for us as your favorite “Grooviest Statement Shades.”

At this point you’re probably tired of us talking about the Cribsies and wondering, “What’s the big deal?” Essentially, the Cribsies recognize the best products and websites for babies, toddlers and their families. We are really excited about being nominated because the other companies in our category are the “big guys” in the sunglasses industry. These are large international companies that create really great sunglasses for grown-ups. Their sunglasses tend to be tiny versions of grown-up glasses. While these might look great, they don’t necessarily stay put or work best for kids.

Real Kids Shades focuses 100% on making great children’s sunglasses that stay put! Special designs and soft neoprene straps mean your infant, toddler or older child will keep these sunglasses on. Also, our sunglasses provide 100% UV protection so your children’s eyes are protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

So, while we’re thrilled to be considered a “Groovy Statement Shade,” we know that children’s sunglasses are not just about looking good. So come on out, vote for us, and support a small, independently owned business!

Just follow these three steps to vote:

  1. Register to vote – This is quick and easy.
  2. Cast your vote. – We are nominated in the Grooviest Statement Shades category, which is in the Fashion Category
  3. Confirm your vote – this is important because your vote won’t be counted unless you confirm.

Thank you! We’re showing our appreciation to our customers by offering a 20% discount on orders placed now through March 19, 2012. Please visit our Facebook Fan Page to obtain your coupon code.

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