This Halloween, Say No to Non-Prescription Contact Lenses

This Halloween, Say No to Non-Prescription Contact LensesWhen it comes time to put together a Halloween costume, there are lots of people who go all-out to completely transform their appearance and assume a new role for the night. From painting their faces to wearing wigs, people will stop at nothing to create the perfect costume. In some cases, this includes wearing non-prescription contact lenses that allow people to change the appearance of their eyes.

If you or your kids are considering wearing novelty contact lenses for Halloween, you might want to think twice about your decision.

Although wearing novelty contact lenses for just a few hours might not seem like a big deal, non-prescription contacts can actually do permanent damage to your eyes. That’s because these costume contact lenses aren’t made from the same high-quality materials as the real thing.

There are all kinds of complications you can encounter while wearing non-prescription contact lenses, according to Baylor College of Medicine. Novelty contact lenses are more likely to rip and cause painful scratches in the eye’s cornea, for example. Because they’re not custom-fit to your eyes, non-prescription contact lenses can also increase the likelihood of corneal abrasions and ulcers. All of these conditions can cause severe vision loss.

If you’re dead-set on wearing colored contact lenses this Halloween, you do have another option. An eye care specialist can fit you with medical-grade colored contacts that won’t damage your eyes. These contacts will cost more than the ones you might find in a costume shop, but the health of your eyes is well worth the added expense.

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