Think About Your Eyes – A New Health Resource for Parents

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There’s a new resource for information on vision health, eye care, and more that all parents will want to bookmark for future reference – Think About Your Eyes. Think About Your Eyes is a non-profit organization under The Vision Council that officially went live today, kicking off with a public awareness campaign that focuses on “educating consumers on the importance of vision health.”


Think About Your Eyes (TAYE) was piloted a few years ago and tested in nine markets with an initiative of educating the public on the importance of eye health and annual eye exams. Ed Greene, chief executive officer of The Vision Council, told Vision Monday that when the pilot was tested, “the [TAYE] campaign increased overall eye exams by 8 percent and proved to increase new patient visits, detection of eye disease and vision correction.” Greene additionally notes the anticipation of its potential impact: “As we prepare to launch the campaign on a national scale, we’re excited about the potential for even greater results.” The organization expects to reach 120 million consumers through the national campaign.


TAYE is a great resource of information for parents interested in learning more about keeping the eyes and vision of all family members healthy. Below is a glimpse at what you’ll find on the TYAE website:

  • Eye care information, including vision care basics, learning about lenses, yearly maintenance, and visual fatigue
  • Literature on eye diseases, disease prevention, and eyes and overall health
  • Specifics on kids’ vision
  • Fun educational videos
  • An Eye Doctor Locator
  • Sign up for a reminder to schedule annual comprehensive eye exams
eye and vision health website

Think About Your Eyes offers a number of resources to help keep the eyes and vision of all family members healthy.


We are excited for the launch of Think About Your Eyes and look forward to watching the progress of this organization dedicated to helping everyone learn how to better care for their eyes, a mission we are also passionate about here at Real Kids Shades! Visit the Think About Your Eyes website today for more information, or follow TAYE on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


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