The Best Sunglasses for Infants – My First Shades

Real Kids Shades

Moms and dads work so hard to protect their infants from the sun but often fall short when it comes to eye protection. Just like delicate baby skin, baby’s eyes need protection too! Don’t forget to put on your baby’s 100% UVA & UVB protective sunglasses whenever you head out of the house.

The best choice for infant protective eye wear is My First Shades. These tiny sunglasses are especially made for children ages 0 to 24 months.The secret to these sunglasses is the in the adjustable neoprene strap – it is so soft and comfortable babies happily wear them.

These glasses meet all safety standards and they are shatter proof, impact resistant and float in water as well. What more could you want?


Starting your child off early with sunglasses will also get them into the habit of wearing eye protection throughout their lives.  When ever you slather on the sun block remember to put on the shades!


Real Kids Shades