Teaching Kids & Young Adults Healthy Living Habits

Teaching Kids & Young Adults Healthy Living Habits

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Kids are very impressionable and often learn habits that they will retain for the rest of their life at a young age. By encouraging kids to take responsibility for their health, you can ensure that they will live a healthy lifestyle as adults. The following are a few ideas to teach your kids to live healthily, suggested by Spark.

Health Habits and Kids

Share Meals

Aim to eat at least one meal a day as a family. Young children can eat the same food as adults; in fact, exploring new flavors will mean that they are less likely to become picky eaters. Plus, eating together also gives you the opportunity to teach by example, such as by eating healthy food in appropriate-sized portions.

Limit Screen Time

With so many gadgets and devices around the home, kids are spending more time than ever before in front of a screen. Emphasize that there are many activities that do not require technology, teaching your kids to interact with others and develop better social skills.

Involve Your Kids

Allow your kids to make the choice to be healthy. Send them to the grocery store to buy ingredients for their lunches, ask them how they want to spend their weekends, and give them responsibilities at home, such as preparing meals and cleaning. This will give you the chance to discuss their choices and, when appropriate, explain why a different option may have been better.

Be Supportive

Praise your kids whenever they make a healthy choice, such as starting a new sport, spending time away from the computer or TV screen, or opting for a healthy snack.

Participate in Outdoor Activities

Teach your kids to stay fit while bonding as a family by playing games in the yard, taking hikes, and enjoying other outdoor activities together. Your kids will grow up knowing that exercise can be fun and should never be a chore.

Lastly, make sure your kids understand how important it is to protect eyes from the sun when outdoors. You can find sunglasses for kids of all ages in the Real Kids collection.