Take a Proactive Approach to Your Child’s Eye Health

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“Children use their vision to learn about their world.” This reminder from courtesy of Prevent Blindness America puts things into perspective, encouraging a proactive approach to monitoring and maintaing children’s eye health.



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So what steps should you take to ensure your kids eyes are in good health? For starters, make sure their eyes are screened at well-baby and well-child appointments. Oftentimes, these screenings can detect a problem that your child isn’t aware of or is unable to describe. After the screening, be sure to discuss the results with your child’s doctor.


Prevent Blindness America also recommends that parents keep a close watch on their kids while playing, reading books, or looking at their surroundings. Take note of anything that doesn’t seem quite right so it can be addressed at your child’s next appointment. Sometimes a child’s behavior is the first indicator that there may be an issue. You should also always be on the lookout for the following conditions:

  • Strabismus, which is usually referred to as a crossed-eye or squint
  • Leukocoria, a condition in which the pupil that appears white when light is reflected on the eye
  • Ptosis, or an eyelid that droops, obscuring part of what the eye should see


If your child’s doctor recommends that you take your son or daughter to see an eye doctor for further evaluation, follow through with the referral and – most importantly – don’t be afraid to ask questions about the results of the exam. Be sure that you understand prescribed treatments and are able to follow them diligently. Always ask if there are any additional resources that could assist you and your child. Finally, make sure to request two copies of the medical report – one to be sent to your child’s pediatrician and one to keep for yourself.


Of course, eye health is something we must be conscious of every day, especially when children are in the sun. Visit the Real Kids Shades website to check out our line of kids sunglasses that offer protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.


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