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Going Camping? Don’t Forget the Shades!

Camping is the American family summer vacation pastime. Not only is camping affordable, it is fun for both kids and adults, too! When you find yourself packing for yourself and your children, it is only natural to forget a few things due to your hectic lifestyle. One thing you do not want to forget, though,… Read more »

Why Are Polarized Lenses the Best Choice?

It is important to have a convenient pair of sunglasses handy all year long for each member of your family – especially your kiddos! When shopping for the best pair of shades, you should consider the pros and cons of each pair. You want to purchase a pair of sunglasses that provide both safety and… Read more »

Sky & Surf: Stylish Kids’ Shades for Fun in the Sun

Your kids want fashionable sunglasses that look like the ones they see their favorite actors and singers wearing, but let’s face it –  the stylish shades from the dollar bin at the party store don’t offer the best in UV protection for your kids’ eyes and aren’t all that durable either. Because we know you… Read more »

Real Kids: New and Improved Sun Essentials for Kids

We’re thrilled to share the new look of Real Kids with all of our readers! For a while, we’ve been working to improve our products to offer parents the best possible UV protection with styles of sunglasses designed specifically for the different ages and stages kids go through. As a result, we’ve created an extensive… Read more »