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Back to Basics: Choosing Sunglasses for Kids

Kids’ sunglasses are far more than just a fashion item — they protect your children’s eyes and skin from harmful UV rays that could otherwise lead to cumulative damage and cause serious conditions later in life, including skin cancer, age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. Children under 10 are at particular risk for sun damage as their skin and eyes… Read more »

Back-to-School Vision Health Checklist

Preparing children for school goes beyond purchasing new supplies and updating their wardrobes — parents should also make sure that their kids’ eyes are healthy. Oftentimes, children are mislabeled as having a learning or behavioral disability when in actuality, they’re suffering from a vision or eye health problem. It’s essential to make sure your kids can see well so… Read more »

Traveling with Kids

Some parents might find traveling with children stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Through careful planning in advance, vacations can become much easier and more enjoyable. The following tips will help you prepare for your trip — by car or plane — and help you enjoy a fun vacation with your entire family.  … Read more »