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Understanding Sun Safety is Critical to Tweens & Teens

By the time your kids reach their tween and teen years, they are responsible for looking after themselves without constant adult supervision. To stay safe, therefore, they need to fully understand the risk of being out in the sun and what precautions they should take to keep healthy. Tweens, Teens and Sun Safety Use sunscreen… Read more »

Tips for Tween Eye Health

As kids grow up, they can become harder to deal with, particularly when they reach their tween years. However, there are a number of easy ways you can help maintain your tweens’ eye health. This way, they can continue to perform at their best in both class and sports. Steering Clear of Junk Food Foods high in fat lead… Read more »

Stylish Shades for the Beach

Now is the time to get your children’s wardrobe ready for summer and upcoming vacations. Sunglasses are an essential item that should be included on everyone’s summer list, adults and children alike, since they provide much needed UV protection for the eyes.   In our Real Kids’ collection, we have a number of kids’ sunglasses… Read more »

Spring Vacation Sun Essentials

It’s spring break season! We’re all excited about taking a break from our normal routines, and of course, our kids are just as excited to have a break from class for a few days. Since many families are making preparations for upcoming trips, we know it can become quite the process to ensure everyone has… Read more »