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Blade & Swag – Shades Tweens & Parents Can Agree On

For those with kids nearing their middle school years, you’ve probably experienced the ordeal of trying to find clothes and accessories your kids will wear… including sunglasses! Oftentimes, it’s a struggle to find shades they like in the store because many times the sunglasses designed for this age group feature cartoon characters and look as… Read more »

Save Your Vision Month: A Focus on Eye Wellness

To help people preserve their vision through their life, the American Optometric Association (AOA) holds Save Your Vision Month annually in March. To commemorate the occasion, we’ve complied a list of ways you can protect your children’s vision and eye health.   Why kids need comprehensive eye exams One in four children suffer from a… Read more »

Fly & Shine – Fashionable Shades for Tweens

Kids can become very fashion-conscious as they get older, especially once they hit the middle school years! At this point, kids want to choose everything carefully, from clothes and shoes to accessories like sunglasses, to ensure these items have the “cool” factor.   As a parent, though, your greatest concern is that sunglasses have adequate… Read more »

Sky & Surf: Stylish Kids’ Shades for Fun in the Sun

Your kids want fashionable sunglasses that look like the ones they see their favorite actors and singers wearing, but let’s face it –  the stylish shades from the dollar bin at the party store don’t offer the best in UV protection for your kids’ eyes and aren’t all that durable either. Because we know you… Read more »

Teaching Kids About Sun Safety

As a parent, you undoubtedly understand the importance of sun protection for your kids. However, explaining sun safety to them, and ensuring that they always use sunscreen and other forms of sun protection, can be a challenge even if your children have suffered from sunburn in the past. For kids, concepts such as poor eye… Read more »