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Sun Safety for Kids

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It is definitely hot outside which means the sun is beaming and harmful UV rays are pouring down on you and your kids. It’s important to begin practicing sun safety with your kids at a young age because of irreversible UV damage. Not only will skin problems arise and stay, so will eyesight problems. To… Read more »

Proper Safety Eyewear is Crucial for Kids Playing Football

Like all other contact sports, football poses a great risk to the eyes, meaning it is essential that kids wear proper protection to avoid injuries, such as corneal abrasions, blunt trauma, penetrating injuries, and UV radiation damage. To ensure you choose the right sports eye glasses for your kids, follow this advice from Eye Kit…. Read more »

Fun Home Activities Kids Can Engage In with Parents

Even though your kids are going back to school, you can still enjoy the rest of the summer by engaging in fun outdoor activities together. Make time in the evenings and weekends to interact with your kids and teach them to love the outdoors. This will help them stay fit and healthy, develop social skills,… Read more »

Before Heading Outside, Check the UV Index for Eye & Skin Safety

Before heading outdoors this summer, check the UV Index to find out the intensity of sun rays in your area. The service is available for most ZIP codes around the country and can help you to best plan activities while ensuring that your family stay protected from overexposure. How to Use the UV Index You are… Read more »