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How to Choose Quality Sunglasses for your Child

This may be the season for purchasing toys, but don’t be mislead that you can just pick up a pair of sunglasses in the toy department and they will protect your child’s delicate eyes. In fact, wearing sunglasses that do not meet specific safety standards can actually harm your child’s eyes. Here is some straight… Read more »

Announcing the Winner of the Most Beautiful Eyes Contest

Congratulations to Kayla Helferich the winner of the grand prize of the Most Beautiful Eyes contest! Kayla is just eight years old and hails from South Carolina. Kayla has been awarded a $25,000 scholarship from Prevent Blindness America and will become the face of the Star Pupils program for one year. Star Pupils is the… Read more »

Vote for Your Favorite Contestants in the Most Beautiful Eyes Contest

Last week on the blog, we informed you about the Most Beautiful Eyes Contest, presented by Prevent Blindness America. Have you made plans to enter your child in this contest? Or are you planning to do so? If you haven’t already made plans to do so, you’ll definitely want to–the Most Beautiful Eyes Contest is… Read more »

Most Beautiful Eyes Contest Presented by Prevent Blindness America

Have you heard about the Most Beautiful Eyes Contest? Are you planning to enter your child in this contest, or have you already done so? Does your child have the most beautiful eyes? Presented by Prevent Blindness America, the Most Beautiful Eyes Contest offers children the opportunity to enter for a chance to win a… Read more »

Star Pupils Curriculum Launches in Chicago Public Schools

Soon 30,000 Chicago Public School students will begin learning about eye health in their classrooms thanks to Prevent Blindness America. The Star Pupils eye-health curriculum will be piloted on kindergartners, first and second graders throughout the district. The purpose of the program is to help students and parents begin to take vision and eye-health more… Read more »