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Spring Sports Safety Tips

We already looked at the importance of children’s eye safety in spring sports in a previous post, but protecting eyes is just one part of keeping kids safe at practice and during games. There are a number of other safety tips that parents, especially those who volunteer as coaches, should keep in mind to ensure… Read more »

Sporty Shades Perfect for Spring Sports

Practice schedule… check! Car pool arrangements… check! Uniforms… check! Sports equipment… check! Water and snacks… check!   This list may sound complete as you’re getting your all-stars ready for their spring sports, but whether your kid’s game of choice is baseball, golf, lacrosse, soccer, or tennis, you may not realize that you’re leaving out some… Read more »

Getting Ready for Spring Sports

Spring brings longer days and warmer weather. Your family’s schedule may also start filling up with sports practices and games. It’s a fun, but hectic, time of the year as kids finally get a chance to stretch their legs after months of cold weather. Whether your family’s chosen sport is basketball, swimming, track, cheerleading, soccer,… Read more »

Tips for Preventing Eye Injuries

It’s true that accidents happen, but there are many instances in which accidents can be prevented. This is especially true when it comes to eye injuries. Of the thousands of eye injuries that occur each day in the home or workplace, and even at play, Prevent Blindness America says that 90 percent are preventable with… Read more »

April is Sports Eye Safety Month

To spread awareness of the nearly 25,000 children under the age of 15 who suffer from preventable, sports-related eye injuries in the U.S. the American Academy of Ophthalmology has chosen April as Sports Eye Safety Month. Being that it is spring and we are welcoming an array of spring sports April couldn’t be a more… Read more »