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Remember Slip! Slop! Slap!® & Wrap this Summer from the ACS

To remind people to protect themselves from UV rays this summer, the American Cancer Society (ACS) is holding an awareness campaign based around the slogan Slip, Slop, Slap® and Wrap. Here is how you can take part to keep your family safe. Slip Slip on a shirt At the beach, slip on a dry skirt,… Read more »

Fashion Forward Flex-Fit Glasses Great for Outdoor Adventures

Our shades with Flex-Fit™ technology can bend, twist, and flex in any direction, meaning that, however hard your kids try, they will not be able to break the frames. Many sunglasses for the youngest age groups in the Real Kids collection feature this technology, keeping shades safe from those little but powerful hands that often… Read more »

Summer Eye Injuries: Sun & Sports Most Detrimental to Eyes

Just like different sports offer different health benefits, each also vary in their risk to eyes. Although kids should wear their sunglasses for all outdoor activities, there are certain sports that are more likely to put them in danger from the sun and other eye injuries. For the following, take extra precautions and never allow… Read more »

Real Kids Provides Right Eye Wear for Summer Sports

Finding the right type of sports eye wear for your kids is essential for protecting eyes against serious injuries and enabling young athletes to see properly, therefore enhancing their performance. The following tips will help you find suitable eye wear for your kids and prevent them from suffering one of the 40,000 sports eye injuries… Read more »

5 Fun Beach Activities To Do with the Kids

Everyone loves a trip to the beach, and no one more than kids. However, children are less content than adults to simply sit and relax on the sand: they crave activity and mental stimulation. Here are a few of our favorite things to do with your kids at the beach to keep them entertained, suggested… Read more »