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The Perks of Daycare

You’ve sent your “big” kids back to school, but what about your toddler? Are you skeptical about sending your child to daycare after being at home with you everyday for so long? Although it can be a little scary at first as most new things are, there are some perks to sending your child to… Read more »

Starting Your Kids’ Day with Breakfast

It may seem like common sense that you would kick start your child’s day with breakfast, but with today’s busy schedules children often go without the most important meal of the day. It is important for your child to eat breakfast every morning to provide energy throughout the day and keep them healthy overall. Not… Read more »

New Poll: Favorite Back-to-School Item

Today makes it official, there are exactly 2 weeks left until we say goodbye to summer vacation and hello to the 2010-2011 school year. Getting new back-to-school items is always a fun time for kids and parents. And since it is such an exciting time we want to kick things off with a back-to-school poll!… Read more »

Ease Your Child Back-to-School

Could it possibly be time to go back to school already? Summer for your child is almost over with school starting in less than a month. Since your child has been enjoying lazy days of  waking up and going to sleep whenever, they may need a little help getting back in the school groove. Because… Read more »