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Teaching Kids & Young Adults Healthy Living Habits

Kids are very impressionable and often learn habits that they will retain for the rest of their life at a young age. By encouraging kids to take responsibility for their health, you can ensure that they will live a healthy lifestyle as adults. The following are a few ideas to teach your kids to live… Read more »

Safe Beach Games for Kids & Adults

A day out at the beach is the perfect opportunity to get active with the kids. Keep family members of any age entertained by playing some of these fun sports, suggested by Activity Village. Safe Beach Sports and Games Volleyball If you are unable to play at an actual volleyball court on the beach, create… Read more »

Take Advantage of Real Kids’ Facebook Promotion Before June 30!

The school year is finally over and the hot summer days probably have you craving some outdoor time with your kids. Beach trips, vacations and summer camps are either already in session or on their way. In other words, it’s the perfect time to start stocking up on sunglasses.   If you haven’t done so… Read more »

Make Eating Healthy Foods a Fun Game for Kids

Parents know the importance of eating well, and kids are never too young to start learning. Teaching your children about making healthy food choices early in life can help them develop good habits that will contribute to all aspects of their health, including their eyes.     The following tips from Parenting are fun and… Read more »