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Prevent Blindness America Names Most Beautiful Eyes Contest National Winner

Everyone at Real Kids Shades would like to congratulate Meikayla Mixon, winner of Prevent Blindness America‘s Most Beautiful Eyes Contest! In addition to receiving the title of this year’s Most Beautiful Eyes, the 12-year-old from Arizona was awarded the grand prize of a $10,000-educational scholarship, provided by Marchon Eyewear for the third year running, at… Read more »

The 2013 Most Beautiful Eyes Contest

We are thrilled to once again be a part of Prevent Blindness America’s 2013 Most Beautiful Eyes Contest! Real Kids Shades is proud to be co-sponsoring this year’s contest along with Marchon Eyewear, Eagle Eyes® Optics, and Walters Golf.   The Most Beautiful Eyes Contest offers children all across the country a chance to win… Read more »

Preparing for Prevent Blindness America’s UV Awareness Month

Our mission here at Real Kids Shades is to help parents understand the dangerous effects of allowing your eyes to be over-exposed to the sun and how necessary quality sunglasses are in keeping your kids’ peepers protected. There are a range of eye issues that are being linked to UV exposure, ranging from photokeratitis (sunburn of… Read more »

Prevent Blindness America Names “Most Beautiful Eyes Contest” Winner!

For months, we had the opportunity to tell you all about the “Most Beautiful Eyes Contest” from our friends at Prevent Blindness America, and now we are thrilled to have the opportunity to make the official announcement! The winner of the contest is Miss Ava Lloyd, a four year old girl from South Dakota! This… Read more »

How to Support Sports Safety In Your Own Community

After an accident occurs during a child’s sporting event, we often ask ourselves what went wrong and how the accident could have been prevented. Though some accidents are impossible to prepare for, most sports incidents can be avoided simply by preparing for them in advance. Among some of the scariest potential sports accidents, eye injuries… Read more »