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Identifying Learning-Related Vision Problems in School-Aged Kids

If your child’s performance at school is suffering, there is a good chance that it is down to a vision problem rather than a learning disability. Around 80 percent of learning that takes place at school requires good eyesight, says All About Vision, meaning that vision has a huge impact on academics, not to mention… Read more »

Fashion Forward Flex-Fit Glasses Great for Outdoor Adventures

Our shades with Flex-Fit™ technology can bend, twist, and flex in any direction, meaning that, however hard your kids try, they will not be able to break the frames. Many sunglasses for the youngest age groups in the Real Kids collection feature this technology, keeping shades safe from those little but powerful hands that often… Read more »

Before Heading Outside, Check the UV Index for Eye & Skin Safety

Before heading outdoors this summer, check the UV Index to find out the intensity of sun rays in your area. The service is available for most ZIP codes around the country and can help you to best plan activities while ensuring that your family stay protected from overexposure. How to Use the UV Index You are… Read more »

Knowing Family History to Prevent Eye Issues in Kids

Many eye diseases are difficult to detect in their early stages, as they present no visible symptoms. However, early diagnosis can mean more effective treatment, which can even be the difference between saving or losing your vision. How Are Family History and Eye Health Related? Some serious eye conditions run in the family; for instance,… Read more »