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Prepare Your Kids for School with a Full Optometric Test

One-quarter of school-age children suffer from a vision problem, but without a comprehensive eye exam, these issues can be misdiagnosed as a learning disorder. Before your kids go back to school this year, take them for a full optometric examination to cover all of the following tests, named by the American Optometric Society and All… Read more »

Key Vision Problems to Identify in Infants & Younger Children

There are several eye conditions that can affect kids from a young age, and early diagnosis is essential to start treatment as soon as possible and reduce the risk of developing a serious condition that may permanently affect vision. The following are the most common vision problems affecting infants and young children, named by Davis… Read more »

Best Eye Exercises for Kids to Assist with Learning & Success

Eyeglasses and contact lenses allow kids to see properly for lessons at school and during sports practice, putting them at no disadvantage to children with perfect vision. Unfortunately, corrective eyewear does nothing to protect eyes from growing weaker, and kids will need stronger lenses over time. However, by practicing eye exercises, you can help your… Read more »

Delicious, Healthy Eye Snacks for the Lunchbox

You can take steps to promote your kids’ eye health every day by making a few simple changes to your children’s diet. Simply eating foods high in lutein, vitamin C, vitamin E, omega-3s, and zinc can protect the eyes from vision-threatening diseases. These minerals are present in all sorts of fruits and grains and can… Read more »

Healthy, Delicious Foods to Cook on the Grill that Support Eye Health

An outdoor grill with family and friends is one of the joys of summer. This year, instead of preparing old classics, cook up some dishes that promote good eye health. Here are a few of our favorites. Grilled Foods Great for Eyes Grilled Orange Peppers Of all the peppers, orange are best for eye health… Read more »