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Banded Sunglasses for Babies

One of the most common questions we get about infant and children’s sunglasses is “what age should I have my child start wearing sunglasses?” The simple answer is as soon as possible! Sun damage to the eye is cumulative and non-reversible so you can’t start your children wearing sunglasses soon enough. Also, the younger the… Read more »

Sunglasses – Necessary Baby Gear

Trying to leave the house with a baby can be overwhelming! By the time the diaper bag is packed, new parents often wonder if it is even worth going out. We know how tough it can be, and that is why we hesitate to tell you that you might have forgotten something! Did you remember… Read more »

Sun Safety Tips from The American Cancer Society

Summer is sizzling and we hope you and your family are out enjoying  the great weather and healthy activities. Sun safety is essential to enjoying your time outdoors and staying healthy. You can’t have a good time at the beach if you are sunburned or your eyes are sensitive from sun exposure! It really is… Read more »

Get the RKS Infant Sun Hat Combo Pack at a 20% Discount

For the first time in ten years Real Kids Shades has branched out of the children and infant sunglasses businesses and added a new type of product to our line. The more we learned about UVA and UVB sun protection the clearer it became that we needed a cute infant hat to go along with… Read more »

10 Ways To Protect Your Child’s Eyes from Sun Damage

Protect your child’s eyes from sun damage by following these ten simple guidelines for choosing infant or children’s sunglasses: 1. Only purchase sunglasses that are proven to block 100% UVA and UVB rays. 2. Understand polarized lenses. Polarized lenses do not provide UV protection unless they are specially treated with a UV coating. Polarized lenses are… Read more »