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Develop Your Infant’s Hand-Eye Coordination

Between the age of one and four months, babies start to gain control over their movements. This begins with reaching, grabbing, and pointing and later progresses to major developments like crawling and walking. Actively practicing motor skills with your baby will improve hand-eye coordination and build strength, explains Parents. Here are a few methods to… Read more »

Dangers of Sunburns: Keeping Children (and Yourself) Safe

Sunburn is painful now and dangerous later, damaging not only the look of your skin but also increasing your risk of skin cancer. Although kids’ skin heals more quickly than adults’, children have a higher chance of suffering from a burn in the first place. Luckily, sunburn is completely preventable using the following methods, suggested… Read more »

Creating Kids Who Love the Outdoors

Some kids love being outdoors and need no convincing to participate in outdoor activities. Others, however, need a little push to realize just how fun outdoor sports, games, and adventures can be. Whatever the age of your kids, it is never too late to turn them into lovers of the outdoors with these tips from… Read more »

Comfortable Sandals & Proper Sunglasses the Fashion Trend at the Beach

Sandals are a great type of footwear for kids: they are easy to put on without help, keep feet cool on hot days, and come in a range of designs, colors, and materials. This summary of styles from eBay, combined with our recommendations for shades, will help you create a fashionable, comfortable outfit for your… Read more »