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Fall Fashion for Tweens: Fly Sunglasses

Tweens will love Real Kids’ stylish Fly shades, which are perfect for a variety of outdoor activities this fall. They can rock a pair of these classic sunglasses — which are similar in style to popular Aviators — while exploring pumpkin patches, navigating corn mazes, or enjoying a fun Halloween event with family and friends.  The History and Rise… Read more »

Tips for Tween Eye Health

As kids grow up, they can become harder to deal with, particularly when they reach their tween years. However, there are a number of easy ways you can help maintain your tweens’ eye health. This way, they can continue to perform at their best in both class and sports. Steering Clear of Junk Food Foods high in fat lead… Read more »

Stylish Shades for the Beach

Now is the time to get your children’s wardrobe ready for summer and upcoming vacations. Sunglasses are an essential item that should be included on everyone’s summer list, adults and children alike, since they provide much needed UV protection for the eyes.   In our Real Kids’ collection, we have a number of kids’ sunglasses… Read more »

Blade & Swag – Shades Tweens & Parents Can Agree On

For those with kids nearing their middle school years, you’ve probably experienced the ordeal of trying to find clothes and accessories your kids will wear… including sunglasses! Oftentimes, it’s a struggle to find shades they like in the store because many times the sunglasses designed for this age group feature cartoon characters and look as… Read more »

Fly & Shine – Fashionable Shades for Tweens

Kids can become very fashion-conscious as they get older, especially once they hit the middle school years! At this point, kids want to choose everything carefully, from clothes and shoes to accessories like sunglasses, to ensure these items have the “cool” factor.   As a parent, though, your greatest concern is that sunglasses have adequate… Read more »